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Reckoning 38 Studios, Conspiracy to Conceal, Be Careful What You Wish For

Reckoning 38 Studios, Conspiracy to Conceal, Be Careful What You Wish For This Post Can Also be Read ad GoLocalProv.com I’m Deeply Obliged for Their Post of this Article AESantos (Tony) November 5, 2015 In recent months public faith and trust in Rhode Island governance have eroded to the point where Smith Hill and Capitol Hill would be competing for …

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Lally, Cicilline, and Raimondo, Follow The Breadcrumbs

Photo Credit IndependentRI.Com Michael Derr Many Thanks to GoLocalProv for their Post of this Article AESantos (Tony) September 14, 2015 If the Rhode Island Ethics commission wasn’t reduced from Stallion to Gelding, they’d be focused not on the “Revolving Door” to a manufactured post in the Raimondo Administration, but to the what may have been a “Back Door” attempt to …

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High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Mayor Alan Fung’s Fall From Honor

Photo Credit to GoLocalProv.com This Post Can Also be Viewed at GoLocalProv I’m Deeply Obliged for their Post of the Article AESantos (Tony) August 26, 2015 Justice doesn’t come easy in Rhode Island.   The scandal that’s dogged Cranston Mayor Alan Fung since December 2013 will take its place in a long line of unreckoned Rhode Island scandals.   Alan Fung will …

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Come September Your Precious Cargo is Safe as Were the Souls of Sandy Hook Elementary

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Carlo Allegri The First Step Beyond the Breached Door of Any School Should be Met by a Trained Resource Officer, “A Good Guy With A Gun” AESantos (Tony) August, 13, 2015 Lockdown, Active Shooter… three words certain to trigger a rush of adrenalin, panic, and a speed dial to the better half. In a handful of weeks, a …

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Cranston Mayor Alan Fung Singlehandedly Sending RIGOP back to Stone Age… Unless

                                      Photo Credit to GoLocalProv.com AESantos (Tony) July 28, 2015   By now one might reckon the Republican 2014 primary Hatfield and McCoy feud between the Alan Fung and Ken Block camps would have reignited on the release of the long awaited RI State Police letter summarizing the Fung’s mismanagement and interference of the Cranston Police department,  however the battlefield usually social …

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