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The EuroZone the Crisis Obama is Banking on

                                  E. Anthony Santos (Tony) January, 24, 2012 What Barack Obama fears more than a failing economy under his control, is a prosperous free market economy free of his control. “Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven”. Punting a quarter million new jobs, new economic activity north of $500 billion into 2013, (Keystone Pipeline, and Ohio Oil and …

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A First Amendment “Hail Mary” Cranston High Prayer Banner

                     E. Anthony Santos (Tony) January, 16, 2012      Going head to head with the ACLU on a First Amendment challenge (Religious), armed with little more than near 60 years of History and Tradition was a “Hail Mary”. For now the Prayer Banner (Mural) beginning with “Our Heavenly Father” ending with “Amen” remains covered on the auditorium wall of Cranston West High …

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SEIU Local 580 (RI) Kicking the Homeless to the Curb “Operation Reciprocity”

     Phil Keefe President of SEIU Local 580 (Rhode Island) has declared war on the supporters of EngageRI, a citizens advocate group that pressed for reform of the state pension system collapsing under it’s own weight.  The rules of engagement …..there are no rules.  The homeless and needy are the latest casualties and collateral damage of SEIU’s “Operation  Reciprocity”, specifically targeting funding …

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Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) Hi Tech Stacking the 2012 Voting Deck

     It’s no secret that without radical changes to Rep. David Cicilline’s current voting district he’ll have to breakout the tin cup or slap grinders in his brothers sandwich joint, Post 2012. But how does the freshman rep who left the capital city of Providence finances circling the bowl shuffle the voting deck to insure his return to the DC Temple of …

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The Gentleman from Rhode Island Saving his ASS-ets

                    E. Anthony Santos (Tony) November 17, 2011 Just weeks shy of ramming thru TARP, (Troubled Asset Relief Program) the $700 Billion Bait and Switch response to the 08 Sub-Prime meltdown, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) engaged in TARP the personal edition.   During the series of meetings of Sept 12-Sept 18 with Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, some $250,000 …

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