Illegal Immigration, Washington and Wall Street’s Quietly Traded Human Commodity

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Illegal Immigration, Washington and Wall Street’s Quietly Traded Human Commodity

I’m Deeply Obliged to GoLocalProv for Carrying this Post

AESantos (Tony) November 21, 2015

   “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”  

The motives of the Washington Democratic collective are far less noble and compassionate than the words of Emily Lazzarus now memorialized on the statue of Lady Liberty. The mile high view on the illegal immigration ground war would leave many Americans to reckon of the three principles trading in the human commodity of Illegal Immigration, Washington’s Political Establishment, Wall Street, and the lowly Mexican Coyote (Coyotaje), the Coyote makes no secret of engaging and profiting in what amounts to human trafficking. From the Whitehouse to the Capital Chamber floor, Washington’s interest in illegal immigration is mercenary and purely self-serving. The immigrants they claim to embrace are a means to establish a permanent Democratic majority. Calls on the capital chamber floor for immigration reform are simply a red herring. Any meaningful reform would mean bringing order to the chaos. Reform would require regulation, border security and enforcement, prosecution of employers hiring illegal immigrants, revocation of benefits, and the dreaded Progressive “D” word…Deportation, all elements that head the short list of mandates that would choke off the flow of illegal immigration. Anything short of full and unconditional amnesty is cause to leave the immigration system in chaos already rife with corruption.  To be clear, members of the Republican ruling class and establishment moderates that crossed the aisle and decided to stay are also scrambling for their share of the immigrant vote. The President’s laundry list of executive orders and policy changes on deportation has given license to Governors and Mayors to follow suit in the expansion of 340 sanctuary cities. Rhode Island has the dubious distinction of being the only sanctuary state. Some 30% of capital crimes in many cities are committed by Illegals, and repeat offenders make their way back thru the revolving doors of a porous southern border.

     The collateral damage inflicted on America’s sons and daughters by Washington’s collective effort to capture the immigrant vote is arguably criminal.  Nearly 50,000 veterans, men and women, American warriors who selflessly served to protect this nation, many at great personal sacrifice are homeless, and yet the financial hit for 11 Million illegal immigrants total $113 Billion. To give scale to that number, the 2015 budget for the entire State of New York was $92.5 Billion.  Ten states including the District of Colombia now provide drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. Other Blue States pandering for that vote are lining up in the queue. October 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown signs legislation that could allow illegal immigrants to vote.   Under the guise of “Public Safety” north of 4 Million illegal immigrants will be in a position to illegally cast a vote in the 2016 election. Left unchecked the objective of a permanent Democratic majority may be only one or two election cycles downstream.

The demands of an angry and betrayed electorate are no different today than a decade ago, enforce existing law, secure the border, prosecute business who employee illegal immigrants, and the line to America forms to the rear, not under the fence. Do this and the illegal immigrant will deport themselves. Washington’s lawless betrayal of the American public has manifested itself in the most unconventional candidate looking to sign four year lease at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. By all reckoning of press, pundits, and analyst, Billionaire Donald Trump should have crashed and burned long ago and yet today he sustains double digit popularity in an overcrowded stable of GOP hopefuls. 

     Whether or not Trump has the stuff to go the distance, his sustained frontrunner status has ruling class and establishment Republicans warming the seats of Congress wondering if they can survive the 2016 elections. Former House Speaker John Boehner no doubt read the 2016 Tea Leaves and packed his bags before his constituents did it for him.

Wall Street is the silent but influential beneficiary of the Washington collective power grab, their reward is cheap labor, but there’s a fine line between capitalism and those who engage in predatory capitalism. Among them the richest man on the planet. 2014 Microsoft’s “GoZillionire” founder Bill Gates (Net worth $79.2 Billion) lobbied Congress to raise the ceiling on H-1B Guest Visa’s, that same year 18,000 Microsoft employees were handed their walking papers an additional 7800 will be shown the door in 2015, a total of 26% of Microsoft’s 2013 entire workforce. Wall Street has a large stake in maintaining the chaos meaningful reform would hit their financial interest hard and ripple thru the economy.

The Washington collective has repeatedly demonstrated that their promises of reform aren’t worth a single Buffalo Nickel, a common theme reflected here in many deep Blue States. The unfinished border fence promised in the Secure Border 2006 act passed nearly a decade ago is a semi-standing testament to the public’s mistrust, seems Homeland Security has reckoned it would be too expensive to complete.

The Midterm Congressional revolt of 2010 that delivered 54 Conservatives to the House, many of which were members of Freedom Caucus (Tea Party) may again be repeated in 2016. As for the Democratic party, the 2016 Presidential hopefuls looking to be coronated shows the party has long since been hijacked by the Progressive left and there’s no hope of a Jack Kennedy Democrat emerging in their future. One thing is certain given the recent terrorist attacks by ISIS in Paris, should a similar attack happen on U.S. Soil before Super Tuesday 2016, no lawmaker on Capitol Hill will be safe or find shelter in the ensuing electoral carnage.


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  1. Thank you SO MUCH for one of the BEST articles on the Illegal Immigration I’ve seen in the 9 years Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement ( RIILE ) has been in existence. It is especially appropriate for the Greater Providence and Rhode Island market.

    • Much Obliged Terry,
      Y’All do some real fine work at RILE and take a great deal of heat for “Doing The Right Thing”
      I reckon this post will draw some heat as well that’s OK For starters Our Homeless Veterans need to go to he head of the line. Keep Up the Good Work… share this as you feel fit Best to You and all at RILE
      Much Obliged

  2. Thanx. As a former Marine my heart is always w veterans. Homeless vets & active duty vets on food stamps is a sad statement of affairs. Plus i have a feeling there’s more than 50,000. Not to mention unemployed, or those struggling to stay employed bc of poor, inadequate treatment from the VA for PTSD & the like. The list goes on. I’m only a Vietnam-era vet (my late 2nd stepdad, we found out later, had worked on & off for the CIA, so he’s probably the reason i didn’t make it there, tho i had fully planned on going), i have very good (as well as a my best friend in WA state) friends that are Vietnam & Middle East war vets, & altho he’s 100% service connected due to PTSD & Agent Orange, my best friend struggles daily after all these years. The VA either over medicates him (he was in a coma for 30 days, given up in…they even called his ex-wife in) or undermedicate him (he recently had a severe breakdown & ended up in a psych ward for about a month). I’m not against helping people. But when we can’t take care of Your own, especially those who served, & this current despot wants to just hand over the key to Your country to those who haven’t, ARGH! It boils my blood. & both parties as you’ve noted have done zilch. Our borders should have been secured years ago, but especially post 9/11! This impersonator (sorry, but this guy’s anything but presidential) talked about a virtual border. What’s that for…virtual illegals? At least, on appearance, the media seems to finally realize this guy’s agenda.
    Sorry for rambling on. Take care.

    • I’m deeply obliged for your service. There isn’t a single member of America’s armed forces that shouldn’t receive top shelf medical care, a roof over their heads or ever want for a meal. Their needs should supersede that of anyone entering this country whether thru crisis or under the fence. You’ve hit on a number of issues that bring shame to this administration and Congress. There’s no need to apologize. When the greatest country on the planet can’t take care of their own, that’s downright criminal. America’s Sons and Daughters Come First, a point for which there is no compromise. God Bless

  3. Tony,

    What a well-said post. You’ve nailed it. It certainly appears that the Middle Class has awoken and will be rejecting the corrupt status quo this time. I’m one who is working toward that end, and your (newly discovered) site will provide inspiration.