Political Correctness, Weaponizing the Unholy Trinity of Social Engineering

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Political Correctness, Weaponizing the Unholy Trinity of Social Engineering

AESantos (Tony) November 13, 2015

     Most any Boomer will tell you the America we knew is still in our hearts and minds but no longer within our grasp.  Many of the simple freedoms we enjoyed only decades ago are subject to criminal prosecution today. This radical departure has little to do with the natural evolution of the American culture and identity. Political correctness, compulsory diversity, and multiculturalism the “Unholy Trinity” of Social Engineering is the calculated destruction of America’s core values. Public education, liberal/progressive universities, and a complicit media are the primary conduits for channeling this Cultural Marxist agenda. Most vulnerable are the young people warming the seats of the public school system where the PC Gospel is disseminated by the Department of Education as curriculum, a progressive euphemism for indoctrination. For six plus hours a day our children are subject to a political agenda of revisionist history, junk science and engineered social behavior under the guise of education. Public education is the self-appointed moral authority serving your children breakfast lunch and birth control. Policies of Zero Tolerance are deeply rooted within our public schools where expressions of American patriotism, or Christian faith, are grounds for ridicule or suspension, schoolyard games of dodge ball, tag, are outlawed, and the first sign of a hand gesture or half-eaten pastry remotely resembling a firearm is cue for rabid response by school administration to intercept a child armed with a loaded toaster pastry. The recent crop of Social Justice Warriors are a product of Progressive academia, angry young people who never once reckoned they were being victimized, and oppressed until their progressive mentors gave them notice during lecture. The breadth of their worldly experience and wisdom is drawn from the university lecture hall, their smartphone or tablet engaged in social media battles from Starbucks or the bowels of their folk’s basement.    Much as it seems these narratives and directives are hatched in some secret Star Chamber, fact is the genesis of these mandates are handed down from Mount Academia, progressive and power hungry minority interest, propped and fueled by a complicit state run media. Generations of Americans wrangle with simple conversation, unable to communicate without first filtering every thought to insure it doesn’t offend or violate the tenets of the PC Gospel. The alternative for the meek and unsure is to find safety and shelter in silence.  By design these crippling commandments are passed down thru the generations. Over several decades political correctness has morphed into a cultural cancer emasculating the American culture and identity one thread, one generation at a time. The law and consequences of the PC Gospel don’t apply to all however, many of the politically protected enjoy full immunity. Diversity and multiculturalism have marked the demise of the “America’s Melting Pot”, and the birth of Identity Politics and the Hyphenated American. Race, religion, gender, and class warfare, are all powerful instruments of the progressive arsenal of identity politics engineered to divide Americans. Factions and wealth classes are kept at odds, warring with each other like so many fleas arguing over who owns the dog while their progressive protagonists continue to fuel their manufactured anger. The Founders principle of equal justice for all has been co-opt for social justice flavor of the month, and rants of social equity simply translate to equal outcome over equal opportunity. Chuck a stone in any direction and it’ll no doubt land at the feet of some politically protected group.  Empowered by their protected minority status, they’re often proxies fighting the ground war on targets selected by progressive interest.      North of 70% of adult Americans identify with the Christian faith. Their faith and moral fabric is rooted in thousands of years of church doctrine and history, yet their belief in the sanctity of life and traditional marriage has made them long standing targets demonized by the progressive left and their proxies. The siege on Chick fil A and Hobby Lobby over principles of faith clearly telegraph no target is too big to attack. By their own reckoning tolerance is not requisite or exercised. June 2015, Washington’s “Men in Black” rule bans on same sex marriage were unconstitutional. It wasn’t enough the beneficiaries of that ruling embrace their win and simply walk away, they continue to demonize and denigrate those who answer to a higher authority than the Supreme Court. The interests of the politically protected are absolute and supersede that of their targets guarantee of freedom and protection under the First Amendment. The dirty little secret is the Progressive end game isn’t to right a manufactured wrong or seek social justice for the oppressed it’s to target and diminish the institutions of faith and the moral authority of millions of Americans achieving compliance and control by brute force if necessary.   The vacuum of faith is fertile ground for the creep of moral equivalency.      Race and equality have morphed from righteous cause into the most divisive, brutal and unforgiving instrument in the progressive arsenal of social engineering. It has in fact evolved into an industry invested in in mass production of dependent and angry victims. For decades, Reverends Al Sharpton racial arsonist and frequent visitor to the Whitehouse, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrikhan have been catalytic in that growth. Sharpton’s influence is evident by the city blocks of homes and business scorched by fire, and business robbed and looted, another product of social justice. In perpetuating the race war Sharpton and company have sold out the very people they’ve sworn to advocate for and defend. Arguably if the Reverend Martin Luther King were alive today, he’d forget he was a man of God for a spell and deliver his own brand of justice on the Reverends Three. As a nation we are clearly divided, there are now people of color, and there is everyone else. For the former there are no rules of engagement, they are not obliged to be tolerant as they demand of others. For the latter there is “White Guilt” a centuries old sentence passed down generation to generation with no parole or expiration date. Their only offense is lineage and the color of their skin.

As “monumentally moronic” (PC Police take notice) as the PC and social engineering directives we’re peppered with daily they’re not without purpose. The concept of freedom and prosperity made possible by a rogue band of Americans despots that defied a tyrannical government to win their freedom doesn’t reckon with the Progressive vision of hierarchical power and wealth redistribution, a far from original concept that maintains wealth is a finite resource, to acquire it requires theft from another. Translation… “You didn’t build that”. That vision is reflected in every social engineering directive and is diabolically simple, divide and conquer keep the fleas arguing over who owns the dog and the dog will be yours.


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