Cranston Mayor Alan Fung Singlehandedly Sending RIGOP back to Stone Age… Unless

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AESantos (Tony) July 28, 2015

  By now one might reckon the Republican 2014 primary Hatfield and McCoy feud between the Alan Fung and Ken Block camps would have reignited on the release of the long awaited RI State Police letter summarizing the Fung’s mismanagement and interference of the Cranston Police department,  however the battlefield usually social media, and reprisals of “ I Told Ya’ So” with minor exception haven’t erupted .. there’s good reason for that. There’s a real possibility that Alan Fung, a Republican and Mayor of the 3rd largest city will have to leave office in disgrace regardless whether the State Police report is offered in full or redacted form. The content of the State Police summary letter without the 200 page report is damning enough. Fung’s submission of the report to Attorney General for an advisory opinion based on personnel matters and HIPPA compliance to potentially redact damning information is a Hail Mary. This desperate measure to save a political career circling the bowl is the only transparent element of the last 48 hours

Alan Fung the man who could have been Governor is now the RIGOP’s worst nightmare. Say what you will about the party’s credibility, Alan Fung has singlehandedly sent the RIGOP back to the Stone Age.   If RIGOP leadership has any sense of political survival and a healthy dose of testosterone they’d be pressing Fung for 100% public disclosure and reckoning of the report … anything short of that should be grounds to demand resignation.   This no doubt would be measure of the stuff RIGOP is made of… or not.   One thing is guaran-damn-teed certain, unless RIGOP leadership publically engages Alan Fung to fess up with full reckoning, the Rhode Island Democratic machine will use this scandal to politically bludgeon every Republican challenger for office.

Not to digress, Republican Leadership might offer a bottle of Pappy’s, or Jameson’s as a peace offering to Cool Moose Independent Bob Healey who they no doubt blame for Alan Fung’s gubernatorial loss to Gina Raimondo. Had the “Cool Moose” not been a variable Alan Fung could have been warming the seat of Governor when this scandal broke and once again Rhode Island corruption at it’s highest level would be in the National spotlight.

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