Clay Pell Rode into Town With a Legacy Name and a Bar Napkin Bio


AESantos (Tony)  January 20, 2014

Unless you’re a Democratic operative or Michelle Kwan, a full Bio on Clay Pell is out of reach.  Clay Pell, grandson to six term Rhode Island Senator Claiborne Pell rode into town a handful of months ago with little more than a legacy name announcing a potential run to warm the seat of Rhode Island Governor and State CEO.  Media accounts of Pell’s 32 years on the planet could be summed up on the back of a bar napkin, not surprising considering the majority of his life was capitalizing on a respectable education.  Clay Pell’s real world working experience amounts to a window of the last 5 years.  

Clay Pell’s Bar Napkin Bio:
Born in Tuscon,Arizona
Education:  Graduated Thacher School Ojai, California 2000, Harvard 2005, Bachelors  Arts (Social Studies),  and lastly Georgetown Law 2008, Juris Doctor.

Work Experience:  2008 to Present
Post graduation, Georgetown Law (2008) Pell served three plus years in United States Coast Guard as a commissioned officer, Lieutenant, JAG (Judge Advocate General) .  Pell received an appointment to the Obama Administration, “Director for Strategic Planning on the National Security Staff”  and “Whitehouse Fellow 2011-2012….Washington lives a big title.
May 2013 Pell was appointed “Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of International and Foreign Language Education”  at Department of Education, a Washington handle for Language Czar. Try putting that moniker on a reserved parking sign.  After serving 5 whole months at at that post, Pell considers  a possible 2014 run for the Rhode Island Governor seat

Clay Pell and wife Michelle Kwan former Olympic Skater and staffer at State Department live in the  Washington area.   Pell’s only tangible ties to Rhode island are his legacy name, summers spent in Newport,  an East Side house and a four time appearance at a Rhode Island voting booth from 2004 to present and an East Side home.  In the few media interviews Pell’s granted, there’s little doubt he’ll run as a Progressive Democrat.  Political power brokers and insiders would have us reckon there’s some genetic disposition to political lineage and despite Pell’s lack of experience he’s able to fill his “legacy shoes”.  Given our history with the Kennedy’s and Rockefellers, that logic leave a hole big enough to drive a Semi thru.  Rhode Island’s “Lively Experiment”  needs a Hell Fire Maverick to save it from it self, so far the stable of Gubernatorial hopefuls is empty.


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