HellFire Maverick On The Hill, Ted Cruz


AESantos February 21, 2013

Barely eight weeks on The Hill, Hellfire Maverick Senator Ted Cruz (D-Tx) has raised a ruckus, the likes of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) only regrets are Cruz isn’t a Progressive Democrat, and he had to be a damn Texan.  Cruz, now 42 is packing some serious bragging rights, Princeton Debate, Magna Cum Laude Harvard Law, Clerked for Chief Justice William Rehnquist, and former Texas Solicitor General. He may have come to Washington with the Republican brand, but his first obligation is to folks who sent him there.   Establishment Republicans just can’t reckon  Conservatives service to constituents over Party.   Given his mark in his short time on the Hill, NY Times, Politico WashPo, wasted little time on their assault.

The Times (Jonathan Weisman) rundown of Ted Cruz first 7 Weeks:

•Leading the charge on the destruction of Chuck Hagel’s bona fides as Secretary of Defense
•One of only three Republicans to vote against John Kerry because of   his longstanding less-than-vigorous
  defense of U.S. national security issues
•one of only 34 that voted against raising the debt ceiling
•one of only 22 who voted against the Violence Against Women Act
•one of only 36 who voted against the pork-ladened Hurricane Sandy financial aid package
•one of only 19 who voted against arming the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Cairo
•Called Out  Rahm Emanuel  (Over Pension divestments of Gun Manufacturers)
•confronted Chuck Schumer on national TV  ( Meet the Press Gun Control)
•enraged Senators Boxer and McCaskill enough for them to label him as a “McCarthyite”

Times op-ed writer Frank Bruni wrote Cruz was an “ornery, swaggering piece of work” “When a Vesuvius like John McCain tells you that you belch too much smoke and spew too much fire, you know you’ve got a problem.”  Fact is John McCain  is more gelding than  maverick (Self-Proclaimed) except when reaching across the aisle while treading on core conservative principles.

Democrats and the Drive-by Media aren’t the only folks gunning for Cruz, Establishment Republicans look to Ted Cruz as a Wild Mustang that that needs to be broken.  No doubt had Sen. Jim DeMint  (R-SC) who endorsed  Ted Cruz run for office not retired to take post as Head of Heritage Foundation,  the Senate Chamber floor would be a different place with the Tag Team of Cruz and DeMint.    Cruz unwilling to support the senior Senator from his own state, John Cornyn for party whip didn’t reckon well.  Bucking the   2nd ranked conservative in the Senate, after 2 months on the job could score an indefinite term in political purgatory, but  word on the ground has it Ted Cruz Texas Brass has in fact influenced Cornyn’s recent shift  further right.  Not everything in Washington is weighed by vote.

Texas newest Son to Washington,  has riled Democrats and the media to target his destruction, given Ruling Class Republicans some sleepless nights,  and  fired up Conservatism, by all reckoning, some fine work for just getting started.

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