Christmas Is Spoken Here Governor Chafee


AESantos December 12, 2012

There’s a new moral authority in town… after surviving the rise and fall of entire civilizations, governments, and war, over thousands of years, Rhode Island Governor Linc Chafee armed with the progressive manual on secular governance, believes times have changed, and so should our beliefs, religion, and traditions.  His honor has classified the “Christmas Tree” a religious symbol, and as a consequence is a casualty in the War on Christmas.  No doubt the Governor’s solution in search of a problem put him in good standing with the Arkansas Society of Free Thinkers.  Their threat of a lawsuit forced the shutdown of a Little Rock Arkansas church’s performance of “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” thought to be too religious. In a country of some 300 million Americans, a million or so in Rhode Island who’ve yet to seek refuge beyond the state line, I reckon it would be unfair to ignore the dozen or so with their britches in a bunch caterwauling and despondent over the message of “Peace on Earth, and Good Will to Men”.   Our “Shovel Ready” Governor hasn’t reckoned when to stop digging.  Near 11:30 AM on November 29, he doubled down on his Christmas words of Wisdom.  A press release was issued announcing the lighting of the “Holiday Tree” would take place at Noon 30 minutes from the the time of the release.   This low rent move to dodge confrontation served to rub the last good nerve of many RI Christians (north of 700K) clean down to a nub.

In all the ruckus though we’ve the lost the notion that Governor Chafee or any politician is hardly fit to alter our moral compass.  It’s not an election year so you can write off any chance of Christmas epiphany, but for now give yourself a little present, throw Governor Chafee ([email protected]}  a howdy and a reminder… the  seat he’s warming, or desk he’s hiding under on Smith Hill is in the Peoples House, and “Christmas is Spoken Here”.

     In the Spirit of Christmas I offer this suggestion:  Governor I reckon you’re far too angry.  An afternoon at the range, to empty a dozen or so clips might do you some good.  As for Christmas, it is my hope come Christmas day you’ll find a neatly wrapped invitation to serve a post in the Obama Administration … real soon.

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