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Buck Up and Pay Your “Fair Share” of $380 Million in Rhode Island Entitlement Fraud

B.A.E.R Hunting on Smith Hill for $380 Million in Stolen Entitlements

Updated May 26,2015
AESantos (Tony) February 9, 2015

Pitch a stone in any direction, it’s liable to find someone who knows who has a deck of “EBT” cards for sale, or barter, someone who’s been riding the disability train for years yet healthy enough to wrestle a steer, or someone exploiting the “Friends and Family” use of Medicare and Medicaid. If there’s an entitlement or benefit offered by State/Federal government someone is profiting by it politically and financially. Estimates put 10% of the Federal budget allocated to entitlements is lost to fraud which translates to $100 Billion plus in “Stolen Entitlements” and massive profit for those who know how to wrangle the system. To lend context to that number, Governor Brown’s proposed budget for 2014 was $106 Billion to run the entire state of California.

Rhode Island one of the deepest of Blue States ranks among the highest in entitlement payouts. The Lions Share (45%) of Rhode Island’s 2014/2015 $8.5 Billion budget weighs in at a $3.8 Billion for entitlements and benefits. Given the national estimate of 10% loss to fraud, Rhode Island rings in north of $380 Million, a bear ugly number that can no longer be written off as collateral damage or cost of doing business. There’s comes a point when the act of committing fraud in any taxpayer funded program escalates from misdemeanor to felony, some have morphed into full blown criminal enterprises.   Any reluctance in the past to aggressively pursue entitlement  fraud has been purely a matter of Political CYA.   Scouring Governor Raimondo’s recent budget proposal, the Governor’s trivial pursuit of fraud target’s only
$2 Million in HHS fraud thru “Predictive Modeling” .  Fraud and waste is a deeply rooted problem, and yet in the entire proposed budget, “Fraud” can be counted on one hand.

Outlined in broad strokes is a legislative proposal with the potential to recover/save hundreds of millions lost to fraud annually. B.A.E.R. Bounty Assisted Entitlement Recovery is a program to expand the current investigative capabilities by State Police, Office of the Attorney General, and HHS Fraud investigators.
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Legal Insurrection:
“The administration is sounding like Baghdad Bob”

Reckoning the Corruption of 38 Studios, a Moral Imperative38 studios

AESantos (Tony) May 11, 2015

We’ve got to stop talking about 38 Studios” That incendiary alternative to ‘Move On, Move Forward” fired off by twice coronated House Speaker Nick Mattiello riled more than his fair share of the electorate.  Whether a veteran leader or rank and file rookie on Smith Hill, “when you own the ranch you own the outhouse too”.  Absolution of past political sin is not a perk of the election cycle and yet 100 plus days post-election, the campaign pledges of accountability and routing corruption in Rhode Island government have disappeared faster than a herd of scalded cats. The simple mention of 38 Studios on the chamber floor is cause for lawmakers to bristle, and trigger a synchronized eye roll among leadership. Whether building a ball park or filling a pothole, leadership on the Hill can’t broach spending a single buffalo nickel without trying to buck an angry electorate hell bent on knowing the truth of 38 Studios.

The degree that Smith Hill leadership has leveraged it’s authority and obstructed efforts to openly investigate the genesis and collapse of 38 Studios not only fuels mistrust of their governance, but one could be forgiven to question the depth of corruption. Speaker Mattiello’s suppression of subpoenas to compel testimony before the 38 Studios oversight committee, lawsuits and judicial gag orders dating back to the Chafee administration shelter and isolate anyone remotely connected to the states failed attempt to choose a winner. Governor Gina Raimondo, whose vision and political ambition is a 4 year lease and a view of Washington from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue isn’t about to publicly challenge Speaker Mattiello’s authority to quash a subpoena. To date, not a single person of interest has given open testimony in the $75 Million shotgun marriage between the state and 38 Studios.
At present it seems an immoveable force has met an immoveable object but that balance is only one critical email, one document, one “Come to Jesus” moment from putting this scandal into the hands of the DOJ/U.S. Attorney Peter Neronha.
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Branco Cartoon – Journalism For Dummies

Lead Investigator 
Freddie Gray Case: Meet Prosecutor Mosby’s Lead Investigator 

The Times:
Greeks tell Obama: help us or risk collapse

Branco Cartoon – Cereal Killer

An Open Letter to Taylor Swift,
The Rhode Island Tax in Your NamesakeTaylor Swift Tax
AESantos (Tony)  April 8, 2015

Dear Ms. Swift
     Given your success and no doubt the many thousands of letters and emails that you receive, I’ve drafted this as an open letter hoping to reach out. The purchase of your home in Westerly, Rhode Island created quite a stir locally and delivered some sorely needed bragging rights. By now though, word of a new property tax in your namesake has no doubt found you, “The Taylor Swift Tax”.  Characterized as simply a minor expense to a person of means, this tax proposed by newly minted Governor Gina Raimondo targets second homes valued at $1 Million dollars Plus. Your adopted state of Rhode Island has yet to find a way to live within its means. I reckon I’m just old school, but taxing  individuals on their achievements is wholly un-American, and counter to growing jobs and an economy.   Should this tax take root, the secondary concern as all taxes do it in time will morph into a statewide property tax.

      I reckon this is an unusual request, but I’d be obliged if you could take a moment to consider addressing or contacting Governor Raimondo, and leadership of the Rhode Island General Assembly by whatever means is convenient to express concern for imposing this tax. Your words no doubt will have a profound affect in the direction of this legislation.

     In closing it’s only proper that I mention I’m partial to your country roots but my family especially my grandchildren are partial to your new sound. Wishing you every success as you live the American Dream


AESantos (Tony)
And the entire crew of 1
at RedneckRepublic.org

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Wut? Former RI Senator and Governor Linc Chafee for President?

National Labor and $4.7 Trillion Force Behind the Lawless Calamity of Rhode Island Pension SettlementRhode Island Pension Settlement star chamber      Rhode Island’s Pension Settlement Star Chamber

AESantos (Tony) April 6, 2015

The welcome signs at the Rhode Island state line might well read, “Welcome to the Banana Republic of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations”.  In recent years the Judicial Gag Order has morphed from the instrument to protect the integrity of the litigation process, to a Political “cone of silence” , an alternative to seeking  asylum under one’s desk while offering plausible deniability.  Under the guise of a gag order, the Raimondo administration, Labor leaders, and their counsel could operate with impunity in the secrecy of the settlement “Star Chamber”. The appointment of Chief Justice Frank Williams whose ego arrives in the courtroom ahead of his limo as “Special Master” had two objectives. The first was to wrangle members of the rank and file into the belief they would lose in open court, and terms of the settlement was the best deal they could would expect. Williams by brute force wrangled all some 58,000 plus of the rank and file to settle leaving 800 or so to take their chances in court. The second objective was to insure this matter would never be tried in open court. A loss by Labor on open court would have serious National consequences and future local implications….

     Looking beyond the bubble of Rhode Island politics, it’s fair to reckon the interest of National Labor was the driving force behind the lawless calamity and chaos to reckon a pension settlement between labor and state that superseded the interest of the “Rank and File”. By comparison, given the top ten states in pension crisis, Rhode Island’s pension liabilities are akin to the spare change lost in the sofa. Collectively the unfunded pension liability nationally tops $4.7 Trillion. Judge Sarah Taft-Carter previously ruled an implied contract existed between labor and the state, however…
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Vision Starved in Rhode Island to See Beyond the TumbleWeeds
Richmond RI Tumbleweed Center
 AESantos (Tony) March 30, 2015

The Rhode Island Republican Caucus is pushing to re-open the Rte. 95 North Welcome Center closed down some years ago another casualty of funding. Today, the former Welcome Center could double for a Tumbleweed farm or an Old West theme park.  In a state starving for revenue, we’re also vision starved to see beyond rehabbing the Tumbleweed center of Richmond.

February, 2014:
Members of the RI Republican Caucus were forwarded an economic development concept of constructing  of 2 Service Plaza’s North and Southbound 95 complete with Welcome Centers, similar to those found in Connecticut. Only one member responded…  Senator David Bates.  Senator Bates indicated developing these plaza’s was out of reach, the State of Connecticut was granted Federal exemption based revenues on the former toll system.  The Federal Government isn’t beyond granting waivers especially of there’s a cut of revenue at stake  (No Tolls) .  After pressing the concept,  if leadership in the RI General assembly wouldn’t move forward,  Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed could earn bragging rights by delivering a Federal waiver and the potential for millions in construction, fuel and retail revenue and 100 plus post construction jobs.   Unfortunately we operate at the speed of government, and Senator Bates retired his post in the G/A before  he could meet the Senator Reed.

Millions are being poured into renovation of Connecticut’s 23 Service Plaza’s privately maintained by Project Service IIC.  The last of which are those in Madison Ct. 60 Miles from the R.I. State Line.  Fact is it’s only a question of time before the State Connecticut develops a new plaza between Madison and the R.I. State Line.   Rhode Island would be better served by plowing under the Richmond Tumbleweed Center, and welcoming travelers, filling their thirsty fuel tanks, and hungry bellies at a Full Service Welcome Center…

Original Post December 2013
“Rhode Island’s Next Big Idea, Eve Bigger than Calimari”

Sometimes the Next Big Idea hits you like a bucket of cold water.   Inspired during a recent annual Christmas road trip to New York City with family, this economic solution is pure Capitalism, profit and revenue generation.   I reckon this should appeal to every member in the R.I.  General Assembly regardless of Politics.
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Branco Cartoon – Wheeler Peace Dealer

B.A.E.R Hunting on Smith Hill for $380 Million in Stolen Entitlements

Updated 3/21/2015
AESantos (Tony) March 17, 2015

Pitch a stone in any direction, it’s liable to find someone who knows who has a deck of “EBT” cards for sale, or barter, someone who’s been riding the disability train for years yet healthy enough to wrestle a steer, or someone exploiting the “Friends and Family” use of Medicare and Medicaid. If there’s an entitlement or benefit offered by State/Federal government someone is profiting by it politically and financially. Estimates put 10% of the Federal budget allocated to entitlements is lost to fraud which translates to $100 Billion plus in “Stolen Entitlements” and massive profit for those who know how to wrangle the system. To lend context to that number, Governor Brown’s proposed budget for 2014 was $106 Billion to run the entire state of California.

Rhode Island one of the deepest of Blue States ranks among the highest in entitlement payouts. The Lions Share (45%) of Rhode Island’s 2014/2015 $8.5 Billion budget weighs in at a $3.8 Billion for entitlements and benefits. Given the national estimate of 10% loss to fraud, Rhode Island rings in north of $380 Million, a bear ugly number that can no longer be written off as collateral damage or cost of doing business. There’s comes a point when the act of committing fraud in any taxpayer funded program escalates from misdemeanor to felony, some have morphed into full blown criminal enterprises.   Any reluctance in the past to aggressively pursue entitlement  fraud has been purely a matter of Political CYA.   Scouring Governor Raimondo’s recent budget proposal, the Governor’s trivial pursuit of fraud target’s only
$2 Million in HHS fraud thru “Predictive Modeling” .  Fraud and waste is a deeply rooted problem, and yet in the entire proposed budget, “Fraud” can be counted on one hand.

Outlined in broad strokes is a legislative proposal with the potential to recover/save hundreds of millions lost to fraud annually. B.A.E.R. Bounty Assisted Entitlement Recovery is a program to expand the current investigative capabilities by State Police, Office of the Attorney General, and HHS Fraud investigators.

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BiBi Netanyahu’s Address to Congress…..
Cast Iron Leadership



And the this week’s “Tin Foil Hat” award goes to State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf

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No, this isn’t an SNL Gig Gone South… This is the Real Deal

Branco Cartoon, Here They Come to Save the Day

 A New BlogSite is in the Works and Launching Soon
SemperLibertas (Freedom Always)
Look Forward to Seeing Y’all There

So God Made a Patriot  (Narrated by Fred Thompson)
DonkeyHotey Feinstein CIA

Photo Credit DonkeyHotey@Flickr

AESantos (Tony) December 19, 2014

Pouring thru any Congressional report can be classified as torture and calls for a bit of “Pappy’s” to slog thru it.  Senator Feinstein’s $40 Million CIA hit piece is no exception.  The Senator spared no taxpayer expense producing and directing her Senate Intelligence CIA Docu-Drama which outspent Speilberg’s production cost of “Schindlers List” including a cast of 20,000 extras ($36 Million today’s cost).  The Senate EIT Report (Enhanced Interrogation Technique) was drafted exclusively by Democratic Staffers, locked in a leased CIA Bunker from 2009 thru 2012.  What’s not widely reported is Feinstein’s cast of  Senate staffers “Googled “ their way thru 6 Million plus CIA documents, emails, cables and reports, producing a classified report north of 6000 pages without  conducting a single interview of CIA Staff or Operatives.
Dianne Feinstein  (Page 5) Senate EIT Summary Report:
“The breadth of documentary material on which the Study relied and which the “Committee Study cites is unprecedented. While the Committee did not interview CIA officials in the context of the Committee Study, it had access to and drew from the interviews of numerous CIA officials conducted by the CIA’s Inspector General and the CIA Oral History program on subjects that lie at the heart of the Committee Study, as well as past testimony to the Committee.”
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Barack Obama
17 States are now doing what Congress Failed to Do…Sue Barack Obama over his Exec Order on Immigration

SNL School House Obama’s Exec Order on Amnesty



RhodeMap RI, Brute Force Social Equity and Social Justice Powered by HUD

Click Here to Play

RhodeMap RI, Brute Force Social Equity and Social Justice Powered by HUD

AESantos (Tony)  November 19, 2014

Rhode Island …. where leadership’s long range vision is measured in days and weeks, and “Austerity” is thought to be the state capitol of Texas, is about to sign off on HUD’s great “Social Equity” and “Social Engineering” experiment… RhodeMap RI.  Under the guise of “Economic Development”   HUD’s Sustainable Communities is a Trojan Horse to impose by mandate Social Equity and Justice, code for equal outcome not equal opportunity.  HUD channeled thru RhodeMap RI will seed funding in establishing economic growth centers in exchange for personal property rights, freedom, and state’s sovereignty.  The core principle of these growth centers rejects the concept of “Free Market Capitalism” and imposes a Central Planning bureaucracy which will operate beyond the laws of the state.

RhodeMap RI’s goals are broad and purposefully vague with one exception as reported by Projo… “foster an inclusive economy that targets opportunity to typically underserved populations” .  This  initiative  has been several years in the making.  In 2012 an “An Equity Profile of Rhode Island.”  was developed by Policylink and the Kirwan Institute.  Both organizations, advocates for “Social Justice and Equity” have developed numerous equity profiles for other states, and both have received significant funding from billionaire financier George Soros Open Society Foundation.

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Branco Cartoon – Poisoning The Well

Legal Insurrection:
The FCC is ready to get sued over Net Neutrality
FBI Report Confirms Crime Fell While Gun Purchases Soared in 2013


The Black vote is solicited by democrats continually  pushing the false premise that the GOP hates black people. Cartoon by A.F.Branco ©2014
Read more at http://comicallyincorrect.com/2014/10/31/the-black-vote/#m4iRBDiMMEPQv2V2.99


Raimondo Fung Healey
RI Gubernatorial Debate Inspiration from “B” Movie Dodgeball

AESantos (Tony)  October 28, 2014

This is a fairly short post which speaks to the content an value of tonight’s ABC 6 Gubernatorial Debate.  I’ll post link to stream  content once it’s available.

Tonight’s RI Gubernatorial Debate was no doubt inspired by the “B” Movie Dodgeball. Dodge Duck Dip Dive and Dodge. This debate is classified Shovel Ready, the manure is stacked high. Bob Healey came to debate, Fung and Raimondo came to perform the Smith Hill Shuffle to the music of retread rhetoric. The most painful moment… Allan Fung groping for the name of an inspirational Republican Governor and came up dry.
After all the crying weeping and gnashing of teeth, the most expensive race ever run on Rogues Island will be determined by the undecided voter  who’ll flip a a coin in the voting booth.
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Houston’s Openly Gay Mayor Annise Parker’s Intolerance for Religious Freedom
Subpoena’s all Sermons and  Speeches

WMD’s in Iraq? Shhhh (Pentagon)… “wounds that never happened” from “that stuff that didn’t exist.”

Gas Mask

Harvard’s Elite, a Budding Crop of World Leaders and Super Hero’s

What is the Greatest Threat, America or ISIS



There is Little Comfort Knowing the New Ebola Screening Protocols are being developed by those who Engineered the Common Core Standard



Toon by A.F. Branco…. with a Sprinkle of Inspiration by RedneckRepublic

James Clapper ISIS Intelligence under fire, but did Obama even read the briefing. Cartoon by A.F.Branco

RaimondoRoe V Wade

Gina Raimondo, Roe V Wade, Ready Shoot Aim
AESantos (Tony)  October 4, 2014

For Gina Raimondo the stakes in this Gubernatorial race are much greater than achieving the mantle of Rhode Island Governor. In the eye of the National Democratic Party this race to become the first or among the first Democratic women ever be elected Governor will insure her “Rising Star” status in the National Democratic Party, a political career in Washington, and ultimately the White House. Gina Raimondo’s hard left position in the War on Women was in part an overplayed audition for national interests, (Planned Parenthood, National Democratic party, Emily’s List) and a gamble gone bad based on “Bad Intel” arguably from a recent poll commissioned by Planned Parenthood  The endgame was to outdistance herself from the Fung campaign, shore up support of RI women voters. The method of execution was a straight from the Democratic playbook….Take position on a politically impossible hill and ambush your opponent with an indefensible premise, a “Red Herring”.During the 2012 Presidential debate, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, moderator and Chief White House operative ambushed Candidate Mitt Romney with a hypothetical question, “Should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn a 1965 ruling that a constitutional right to privacy bars states from banning contraception.” The premise was no doubt a Red Herring, but Romney’s challenge of the premise as being irrelevant and his personal religious beliefs produced the desired effect tying the Romney camp in knots and complicit in War on Women. The Raimondo campaign took position and “Tripled Down” on the entire Planned Parent Reproductive Freedom Rights agenda. Raimondo: “I, as governor, support the decision in Roe v. Wade and will oppose any efforts by the General Assembly to roll back those rights.”  Given the Rhode Island General Assembly’s achievement of lofty legislation making Calimari the state’s official appetizer,  it’s fair to reckon reversing Roe.V. Wade isn’t on the RI General Assemblies menu, however the argument takes on new life when lobbied by the first Democratic woman to warm the seat of Governor. Read the Rest and Comment Here


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Ebola: A Hemorrhagic Fever by Any Other Name

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Occams Razor, Bob Healey, Political Mercenary or Benevolent Politician, the Real Mission is Just Five Percent

AESantos (Tony) September 26, 2014

If there were one sure bet at the end of this political sleigh ride, Cool Moose Bob Healey, proxy candidate for the Moderate Party would carry a minimum 5 Percent. The ruckus over his eleventh hour run for Governor has muddied the political waters.   “Occams Razor… the simplest answer is usually the correct one”.  Politics is no exception to Occam’s precept.  Bob Healey capturing 5 percent insures the survival of Ken Block’s orphaned Moderate Party.   Ken Block’s 2010 run for Governor cleared 6.5 percent, it’s fair to reckon had James Spooner maintained his candidacy, 5 percent would be out of reach, and the Moderate Party would be relegated to history. Bob Healey can now drive his “Cerebral Revolution” without jeopardizing status of the Cool Moose Party and the Moderate party lives to fight another day.      Given the “Bear Ugly” campaign feud between Republican camps , Bob Healey becomes the beneficiary of the Block supporters riled with Allan Fung’s Chicago style politics, and independents have an alternative they won’t have to hold their nose for.
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Global Warming Moonbattery Thought police: Global warming alarmist wants laws on the books to punish skeptics Thinning of the Kennedy Gene Pool, Product of Excessive Inbreeding


Fung Block Hatfields and McCoys

Allan Fung’s Gubernatorial Hail Mary, Reckon a Peace with the Hatfields and McCoys
AESantos (Tony) September 13, 2014 Cranston Mayor Allan Fung’s Republican primary victory was short lived.  Cool Moose Bob Healey’s 11th hour calling to saddle up to run for Governor in Ken Block’s orphaned Moderate Party, has driven the Fung camp into an internal meltdown.   The campaign between Allan Fung and Ken Block was contentious and akin to the feud between the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s leaving an already small Republican party fractured and further divided.    Alan Fung is arguably in a position of his own making, in desperate need of riled  Block supporters and independents his campaign has alienated   Healey offers the alterative to staying home or crossing the line for Gina Raimondo. There is no second place in the Governor’s race.  The Fung campaign has one chance albeit a “Hail Mary” to remain a serious challenge to Gina Raimondo.  Peace will have to be reckoned between the Republican Hatfield’s and McCoy’s, Simply soliciting the the support of Ken Block which wouldn’t pass the smell test with supporters.   Allan Fung will to find a way to stow his ego, offer Block an administrative position on the Fung watch, and plead temporary insanity for his campaign’s indefensible “Cheap Shots” leveled at Ken Block and company.  Short of this returning to a two party race, Allan Fung will need to find humility quickly or begin writing his concession speech…
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 Neither Feared or Respected…Barack Obama Fess’s Up We Have No Strategy on ISIS or the Ukraine Marthas-Fiddler

Poltitico: Amnesty Early Christmas for 6 Million Illegal Immigrants W.H. talks immigration with Latino lawmakers


Reckoning Clay Pell’s Undocumented White House Street Creds AESantos (Tony) August 3, 2014 Democratic candidate for Rhode Island Governor Clay Pell drew a bit of heat over claims made in his Bio. “Director of Strategic Planning for the National Security Council”, that’s a tall handle for someone with little or no previous Washington experience and yet it appears prominently as standard Bio information on the Pell for Governor Website.  Excerpt from the Pell Campaign Website as of this posting: “After law school, Clay joined the Coast Guard, like his father and grandfather before him. As an officer in a service devoted to helping people and saving lives, Clay had the privilege of leading men and women in uniform. He represented the government as a prosecutor in military courtrooms, and also as a liaison with foreign military personnel from around the world. Clay then joined President Obama’s national security team, serving as director for strategic planning. It was Clay’s job to bring together stakeholders across the federal government –“ And then there’s the Real World: Pell’s Current White House/Washington experience can be measured in months not years. After graduating Georgetown Law , “Juris Doctor” (2008) Pell served three plus years in United States Coast Guard as a commissioned officer, Lieutenant, JAG (Judge Advocate General). Pell’s White House experience began when he applied for, and received a “White House Fellowship” Class of 2011-2012. Recipients are assigned staff positions to support Senior White House officials. Clay Pell’s placement was with the National Security Staff. The purpose of the White House Fellows program is to provide gifted and highly motivated young Americans with some first-hand experience in the process of governing the Nation and a sense of personal involvement in the leadership of society Keynote: The President’s Commission on White House Fellowships does not appoint Senior Members to the NSC… Read the Rest Here

Branco Cartoon – Definition of Insanity Hamas-Victory-590-LI-2


Breitbart Microsoft High Tech Hose Job of American Workers  CEO Bill Gates looking to Import Offshore Help and lay off 18,000 employees 14.4% of workforce one week after pushing Amnesty, and unlimited number of Guest Worker Visa’s. Bill Gates

Legal Insurrection: OUT: Cult of Obama // IN: Cult of Warren Progressive Nightmare E Warren Cranston Mayor Alan Fung’s “John Kerry” Moment and “Evolution” on the 2nd Amendment AESantos (Tony)  July 7, 2014 By most folks reckoning, Lawmakers are supposed to research and vet their own legislation before laying it out for public scrutiny.  That bit of common sense escaped Cranston Mayor Alan Fung in 2004 and predates his John Kerry moment and evolution of the 2nd Amendment…  A brief bit of background: Provisions of the “Federal Assault Weapons Ban (1994)” signed into law by then, President Bill Clinton were given to sunset in September 13, 2004.  Democrats and Progressives were furious that the millions poured into studies and whitepapers showing the ban had no significant impact on gun violence over the previous 10 years, and any effort to extend the ban had no chance of survival.  I reckon Alan Fung (then Councilman) didn’t buy into the trainloads of data and launched his  “RESOLUTION IMPLORING GUN STORES IN CRANSTON NOT TO SELL ASSAULT WEAPONS” which coincided with the sunset of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban 2004 Read the Rest and Comment Here   Legal Insurrection: Watch: Video Iron Dome intercepts rockets over Ashdod No Doubt Israel will be framed as the Aggressor and Hamas the Victim.. Featured: Proudly Made In America Henry Repeating Firearms “Every Henry rifle is and always will be Made in America or They Won’t Be Made At All.” Henry Repeating Firearms   Branco Toon “Desertion”  Still-Held-590-LI Legal Insurrection: Hillary Clinton and the Taliban Five: What, me worry Hillary, What Me Worry

High Crimes and Misdemeanors on Smith Hill, Only the DOJ Can Reckon Corruption of 38 Studios June 4, 2014 AESantos (Tony)

It’s high time the Department of Justice saddled up to reckon the corruption of 38 Studios. From cradle to grave the corruption of the state’s Shotgun Marriage to 38 Studios continues to morph beyond the reach of any state agency to investigate and prosecute. Politicians and the politically connected anxiously waiting to be served (no not at the Capitol Grille) can take a deep breath, what they knew and when they knew it remains their secret for the moment. Paraphrasing newly coronated House Speaker Nick Mattiello “Legislators should legislate, not investigate”. Speaker Mattiello telegraphed his intent to block subpoena requests made by 38 Studios Oversight, the very committee he empowered weeks earlier to investigate. No doubt Oversight’s diligence was paying off and struck a few nerves. Several members Rep. (D) Karen MacBeth Chair of Oversight and Rep.(R) Mike Chippendale received veiled threats via Postal Mail for their efforts. Mattiello’s rationale is akin to Congressional oversight not investigating the events of Benghazi, Fast and Furious, or NSA overreach, because they are lawmakers. Fact is the principle players of 38 Studios appearing before the oversight committee by Subpoena could form a conga line invoking their 5th Amendment protection against self-incrimination, however their records, and documents are not afforded that same protection… Law School 101, Speaker Mattiello, a practicing attorney and member of the Rhode Island Bar would or should know this.

(Read the Rest and Comment Here)

Branco Cartoon – Operation Enduring Weakness West-Point   If There Were a Bounty on Stolen Entitlements, We’d All Be Hunting B.A.E.R. AESantos (Tony) April 23, 2014

Pitch a stone in any direction, it’s liable to find someone who knows who has a Deck of “EBT” cards for sale, or barter, someone who’s been riding the disability train for years, yet healthy as a bull, or exploiting the “Friends and Family” use of Medicare and Medicaid.  If there’s an entitlement or benefit offered by State/Federal government someone is profiting by it politically and monetarily.  North of $1 Trillion was carved out of the Federal Budget for Medicare, Medicaid Snap and other “Safety Net” programs in 2013. It’s estimated that 10% of the Federal budget is lost to fraud which translates to $100 Billion plus in “Stolen Entitlements” and massive profit for those who know how to wrangle the system. To lend scope to that number, Governor Brown’s proposed budget for 2014 was $106 Billion to run the entire state of California.

The lack of will to aggressively prosecute Entitlement fraud, at the Federal level is mirrored at the state level as well.   Rhode Island the deepest of Blue states consistently ranks in the top 5 of “Worst Run States”, highest unemployment in the nation, and yet has the highest entitlement payouts in the nation. To get a handle on Rhode Politics, the entire Republican contingent in the R.I. General Assembly could Caucus by pushing a few tables at the local Denny’s. Read the Rest, and Comment Here

  Inspirational, The Stuff Americans Are Made Of… Bundy Ranch Procession FlagBundy Ranch National Anthem

It’s Not Always about Politics….. So God Made a Horse (Some of Gods Finest Work)   Gun Confiscation
The Founders Giveth, Rhode Island Lawmakers Taketh Away, the 4th Amendment, Firearms Confiscation without Due Process AESantos (Tony)  March 12, 2014 A dozen bills headline Rhode Island’s annual gun control rodeo scheduled on Smith Hill next week.  One in particular (S2720) set’s a new Orwellian milestone.  Three Democratic Rhode Island State Senators Miller, Goodwin, and Goldin, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, have drafted legislation to gut the 4th Amendment allowing Law Enforcement to confiscate firearms without due process, without warrant, solely at their digression… No need for a degree in Constitutional Law, or to bunk at a Holiday Inn Express to reckon the violations of the Fourth Amendment in the proposed legislation leave a hole big enough to drive an 18 wheeler thru.   The bill implies a presumption of guilt by simple ownership of a firearm, a constitutionally protected right.  The 180 day confiscation period is arbitrary and capricious.  The authors and proponents of this bill show a stunning ignorance and disregard for personal freedoms guaranteed and protected in the Constitution. For lawmakers sponsoring and supporting this latest attempt to disarm law abiding gun owners pocket version of the United States Constitution is available simply for the asking. Read the Complete Post Here  Rhode Island’s Safe Firearms Act Relegates 2nd Amendment to Use of Musketoons, Spitballs and Throwing Rocks AESantos (Tony) March 4, 2014 By House Rep. Joseph Almeida’s reckoning Rhode Island’s Gun Control and Safe Firearms Act would relegate our 2nd Amendment rights under the Constitution to the use of musketoons, spitballs and throwing rocks.   Rep. Almeida used the Scattergun approach in laying out his 9 page bill H 7583 and H 7584 reclassifies every “Semi-Automatic” firearm as an Assault weapon.  The entire bill can be summarized in 3 lines: 2014 — H 7583  RELATING TO CRIMINAL OFFENSES – SAFE FIREARMS ACT (a) “Assault weapon” means and includes:  10 (1) Any selective-fire firearm capable of fully automatic, semiautomatic or burst fire at  11 the option of the user or any of the following specified semiautomatic firearms: Given these 3 lines in his proposed reclassification of firearms, the remaining 8 pages become moot.  I reckon the extensive Apha listing of firearms was added for dramatic effect or to portray some knowledge of firearms.  The inclusion of a thumbhole stock or pistol grip and other cosmetic features adds fuel to the myth of assault weapons.   Almeida’s legislation did exclude the “Grenade Launcher” but failed to include the Shoulder Fired Missile, a favorite of Rhode Island hunters.  At the risk of inducing a coma, I’ll leave the insidious details of 8 remain pages of Almeida’s Legislation  to the reader’s discretion. As outrageous and overreaching as Almeida’s proposed legislation is, it can’t be dismissed.   The simple fact of it’s proposal contributes to the Myth and Narrative of “Assault Weapons.”   Emily Miller, accomplished writer for the Washington times and firearms expert clearly implodes the disinformation campaign of Assault Weapons (Miller: The Assault Weapon Myth) The Good Folks at RIGunBlog.com have posted an invaluable link and resource (R.I. Bill Tracker) to track the 2014 wave of Gun Control Legislation One final note to add to the insanity: For those of you who hunt or sharpen your marksmanship skills from a Helicopter,  Hang Glider or DIY Backyard Space Shuttle, you’ll be permanently grounded by passage of H 7588 Read and Comment Here

Branco Cartoon – Storming the Castle For-Something-590-LI

Straight out of House Of Cards, Rhode Island’s Next Governor, a Question of Character or Agenda AESantos (Tony)  March 3, 2014     Smith Hill is often a clumsy reflection of Washington politics. What some folks call corruption, others in the alternate universe of Smith Hill call “BaddaBing”.  Good government groups, and constituents press for transparency and reform, while much of the horse trading goes on outside of the Capitol Rotunda.   Until now the lion’s share of Rhode Island power and governance lied with the General Assembly.  Come 2015 in a scenario straight out of “House of Cards”, the next Governor of Rhode Island will quietly wield leverage that could fuel a Gubernatorial agenda, or by Executive Privilege call on the U.S. Attorney investigate the $75 Million Shotgun Marriage of RIEDC to Curt Schillings 38 Studios.  To date, attempts to reckon the events and accountability of 38 Studios from cradle to grave have been stonewalled by a trainload of litigation, a lack of Spartan courage on the Hill, an Oversight Committee unable to subpoena the principle cast and crew of 38 Studios of without approval of House Speaker Gordon Fox, and despicable political maneuvers (Sakonnet Bridge Toll Double Cross) worthy of the Washington political swamp.

You’d just as soon nail Jello to a wall than expect a Yes or No answer from any Rhode Island Gubernatorial wannabee,  but for every candidate looking to warm the seat of Governor the simple test of Character boils down to a Yes or No answer ……  “Will you by Executive Privilege call upon the U.S. Attorney to investigate and fully reckon responsibility in the collapse of 38 Studios” Read and Comment Here


Why Rhode Island is Raising White Flag and Surrendering in National War on Pension Reform

AESantos (Tony) February 14, 2014 It’s “Document Dump Day”  Friday, heading into a long weekend followed by a General Assembly recess. Is there any better time dodge the heat and announce Rhode Island’s raising the White Flag and surrendering in the National War on Pension Reform.  All politics are NOT local.  In the narrow view of Federal Mediation of Rhode Island’s Pension Reform statute, we’ve failed to recognize the unnamed interest at the heart of negotiations, National Labor AFL CIO.   The battle to overturn Rhode Island’s Pension Reform statute is being mirrored nationally in numerous states,  Illinois, Texas, California  to name a few,  some by statute, others by  states constitutional amendment.  Organized Labor has deep pockets and is prepared to marshal millions in resources to challenge constitutionality, hamstring or rescind pension reform  law.   States like Rhode Island weak on leadership, and bear ugly broke will opt to cave and settle.   Rhode Island has a strong case for a Constitutional ruling on the statute,  but the tag team of Chafee and Raimondo Governor Chafee don’t have the “Stuff”  to engage a prolonged and expensive engagement with AFL-CIO and other National Labor interest…  Gina Raimondo Treasurer and  Democratic candidate hopeful to warm the Governor’s seat dragged the Rhode Island General Assembly thru the mud to enact the reform statute , in the end has shown the “Stuff” she’s made of caving  her own political principles.  Today at 4:15 PM Rhode Island,  Progressive bastion of the Northeast once again, raised the white flag, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and surrendered to the unofficial 4th branch of government, Organized Labor. Read and Comment Here


Right to Carry Branco Cartoon Military Cuts Millitary-Cuts-590-LI


Legal Insurrection: William Jacobson Oklahoma teachers union seeks to keep zero tolerance rules banning imaginary guns


Clay Pell Rode Into Town With a Legacy Name and Bar Napkin Bio

AESantos (Tony)  January 20, 2014 Unless you’re a Democratic operative or Nancy Kwan, a full Bio on Clay Pell is out of reach.  Clay Pell, grandson to six term Rhode Island Senator Claiborne Pell rode into town a handful of months ago with little more than a legacy name announcing a potential run to warm the seat of Rhode Island Governor and State CEO.  Media accounts of Pell’s 32 years on the planet could be summed up on the back of a bar napkin, not surprising considering the majority of his life was capitalizing on a respectable education.  Clay Pell’s real world working experience amounts to a window of the last 5 years. Clay Pell’s Bar Napkin Bio:… Read the Rest Here

Branco Cartoon – Gone With The Wendy


The Hill: Obama’s use of executive power faces reckoning at Supreme Court Legal Insurrection: The Passing of Ariel Sharon

There Should Be a Constitutional Ruckus Brewing On Smith Hill, Federal Mediation of Pension Reform Statute

AESantos (Tony)  January 5, 2014

If the future of ObamaCare could be reckoned by a Federal Mediator, the same process as wrangling the Rhode Island Pension Reform statute there’d be “Conga Line” of Lawyers from L.A. to Washington to overturn this mandated healthcare trainwreck.  Federal or State, the power to amend or repeal law falls to the legislature …. Civics 101.  By all rights, R.I. Superior Court Judge Sarah Taft-Carter’s decision not to rule on the lawsuit launched by 4 R.I. public sector unions looking to overturn the 2011 Pension Reform Statute and ordering the parties to Federal  Mediation laid the foundation for a Constitutional ruckus.  The application of any settlement to the Pension Reform statute negotiated behind closed doors by a Federal Mediator, Labor Interest and  2 members representing the State’s interest who have zero Constitutional standing, to amend, or repeal existing  law, namely State Treasurer Gina Raimondo, and Governor Linc Chafee is clearly unconstitutional. Read The Rest Here  

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Shoppers Stock Up On Rifles, Shotguns Before California Long Gun Registry Begins

gun show

Be prepared: Wall Street advisor recommends guns, ammo for protection in collapse

Branco Cartoon – Obama-care Unleashed


  The Difference between Sandy Hook and Arapahoe High, a “Good Guy With A Gun” a Resource Officer

AESantos December 15, 2013 Arapahoe High, Centennial Colorado, site of the next school massacre that could have been if not for  Deputy Sheriff James Englert serving as resource officer, a “Good Guy With a Gun”.   It was over in 80 seconds, documented on the schools hall video recorder.  Karl Pierson, (18) entered Arapahoe High, armed with a Pump action shotgun, a bandolier of shotgun shells, machete and three malatov cocktails. His target …librarian. CNN: Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson: (Edited) “Karl Pierson “fired one random shot down a hallway,” then entered an area where 17-year-old Claire Esther Davis was seated with a friend, “and shot the female victim point-blank” in the head. “There was no time for the victim to run from the shooter.  Pierson then fired another round down a hallway, then entered the library, where he fired again and ignited one of the Molotov cocktails, that ignited at least three bookshelves, causing smoke to pour into the library.  The rampage might have resulted in many more casualties had it not been for the quick response of a deputy sheriff who was working as a school resource officer at the school, Robinson said.  Lessons of Columbine and other school shootings helped in Arapahoe.  Once he learned of the threat, he ran — accompanied by an unarmed school security officer and two administrators — from the cafeteria to the library, Robinson said. “It’s a fairly long hallway, but the deputy sheriff got there very quickly.”   The deputy was yelling for people to get down and identified himself as a county deputy sheriff, Robinson said. “We know for a fact that the shooter knew that the deputy was in the immediate area and, while the deputy was containing the shooter, the shooter took his own life.” Sandy Hook Shooting Report, The Untold Conclusion, The Tragedy That Could Have Been Prevented After nearly a year Connecticut States Attorney (Danbury District) Stephen J. Sedensky released the 44 page Executive Summary on the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.  (Full Report)  The untold conclusion….   Read The Rest Here

Branco Cartoon  For Keeps Sake Fill-the-Blank-590-LI

  Sandy Hook Report, The Untold Conclusion, The Tragedy That Could Have Been Prevented AESantos (Tony) December 2, 2013 After nearly a year Connecticut States Attorney (Danbury District) Stephen J. Sedensky released the 44 page Executive Summary on the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.  (Full Report)  The untold conclusion…. This tragedy could have been prevented.  The report offers no conclusions what may have prevented the shooting but there’s a number of elements that contributed to Adam Lanza’s  life taking rampage ,  “time, unrestricted access and no significant deterrents to prevent a breach of school premises”.  The sole defense at Sandy Hook Elementary was a remote door buzzer, intercom and a non-recording video camera installed in 2005.  Read The Rest Here GunsSavesLives.net All Washington D.C. Gun Owners To Be Fingerprinted To Renew Gun Registration Branco Cartoon: Kool Aid Drink-590-LI

ObamaCare Tax May be Matter of Law, But Execution is Unconstitutional, “Arbitrary and Capricious”

AESantos (Tony) November 12, 2013

Chief Justice Roberts and the “Men in Black”  may have ruled Obamacare a Tax, but it’s execution is arbitrary and capricious and arguably unconstitutional.   Every “Friend of the White House” granted an Obamacare waiver increases the load to float Barack Obama’s failing healthcare juggernaught.    4 Million Americans, 2.5% of the total workforce spread over 1200 companies and labor unions and municipalities have been granted  Obamacare waivers .  A partial list can be found here.   Abuse of the  “Obamacare Tax” goes beyond  waivers.   The ice is melting between the Obama administration and AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka who represents 12 Million plus members and 57 Unions.  Obamacare Tax Credits and elimination of insurance fee’s  previously rejected by the administration are back in the queue, no doubt some creative Beltway Horse Trading to prop up Mid-Term 2014 Democratic support to minimize their  collateral damage.   Of the first 200 plus waivers issued nationwide, near 40%  business, nightclubs, and restaurants in House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi’s district knelt and kissed the ObamaCare Waiver ring. Read the Rest Here

Branco Cartoon – The Big Gipper


  Branco Cartoon: Promises Promises



Hang Fire, The Unintended Consequences of Projo’s Hit Piece on RIGOP’s Firearms Fundraiser AESantos (Tony) October 7, 2013 “Hang Fire” …. that short window of time after a round is fired, nothing happens, and then declared a dud… clear the round too soon  and you’ll be sportin’ the handle  “Lefty” the rest of your days.    Katherine (Lefty) Gregg’s October 1st “R.I. GOP offers assault rifle in fundraising raffle/ Poll” was carefully framed with all key words and  phrases,  “Assault Weapon”,  “AR-15 semiautomatic assault-style rifle” to trigger the gut wrenching days of emotion following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.   For the next 5 days. Politicians, pundits, and near every talk show host hammered  RIGOP’s insensitivity to the shooting at Sandy Hook by  including an AR-15 in their 2nd Amendment Fundraiser.  A number of active Republicans including fence sitter Ken Block and Cranston Mayor Alan Fung showed the stuff they’re made of distancing themselves from the RIGOP Fundraiser.  Both Fung and Block are  looking to warm the seat of Governor come 2014.   Despite the mounting pressure  on RIGOP to cry uncle and scrap the AR-15 raffle, GOP  leadership stayed the course… Katherine Gregg’s new handle of “Lefty” comes by way of a ”Hang Fire”.  The last round, a loaded active polling question online as of this morning asked readers the following:  Read the Rest Here


ObamaCare Healthcare Exchange Portal Crashes, Sheer Volume or Syrian Electronic Army’s Quest for the Holy Grail

AESantos (Tony)  October 4, 2013 Only the Federal Government would launch a nationwide network of healthcare exchanges in the same day, untested under cyber warfare conditions.  Unlike other Federal agencies where system access is restricted to closed and private networks, the ObamaCare Healthcare Exchanges  (Websites) exist on a public network .    Like any home or business  these exchanges have a unique publicly accessible address (TCPIP) making them susceptible to a cyber attack.  Obama’s Healthcare exchange are target’s for the ultimate Trophy Hack, for the Syrian Electronic Army, it would be the “Holy Grail” of Hacks.   In the opening days of the Exchanges, there were widespread complaints of slow or inaccessible portals due to high volume.    Gut reaction would reckon network security was being probed scanned and tested for holes or vulnerability in perimeter security,  Denial of Service (DoS) attacks on a targeted system could easily be construed as an overloaded system.    The AP post “ONLINE DELAYS SIGNAL STRONG DEMAND FOR HEALTH CARE” but the number of actual net subscribers doesn’t bear that out.  The Syrian Electronic Army has a long list of infamous hacking conquests.  A post by Mandy Nagy at Legal Insurrection gives a shortlist of high profile targets,  New York Times, HuffPo-UK, Fox TV, and Twitter.                    Read the Rest Here

.  Branco Cartoon:  Got your Back Ted Behind-Cruz-590-LI Under Fire,The Fantastic Foreign Policy Adventures of Hillary Rodham Clinton Hillary Clinton Bosnia AESantos (Tony) September 25, 2013 The former First Lady’s adventures in Bosnia have been well scrubbed from her political resume’, but still circulate on the net.  By her reckoning her foreign policy experience dates back to her days as  First Lady (Pre-Monica).   During a foreign policy speech at George Washington University  (March 08) then presidential candidate Clinton looked back at her dangerous adventure in Bosnia in 1996, where she and her contingent  including daughter Chelsea landed under “Sniper Fire” and were forced to run to their vehicles with their heads down… Togo West former Army Secretary propped Clinton’s readiness to serve as Commander in Chief having gone to Bosnia in Bubba’s stead, too great a risk to send the President, best send the first lady instead.  Among Clinton’s contingent were Sheryl Crow and comedian “Sinbad”.   In an interview with WashPO’s Mary Ann Akers,  Sinbad had a different reckoning of that time. “It was a USO Tour, the “scariest” part of the trip was wondering where he’d eat next. “I think the only ‘red-phone’ moment was: ‘Do we eat here or at the next place.'”  “What kind of president would say, ‘Hey, man, I can’t go ’cause I might get shot so I’m going to send my wife…oh, and take a guitar player and a comedian with you.'”   A great whopper  spontaneously morph’s each time it’s told.   Read the Rest Here   38 Studios Oversight Committee, A Gelding in the Stable Instead of a Stallion AESantos (Tony) September 12, 2013 And now batting for House Speaker Gordon Fox on 38 Studios…… Oversight Chair Mike Marcello let’s have a big round for this stand up guy.   We have an elected Body on the Hill , however where we should have Governance we have a Gaggle.  The Oversight Committee on 38 Studios is Impotent,  we should have a Stallion in the stable, instead we have a  Gelding  For a moment focus on process Projo: Member of panel looking into 38 Studios wants committee to use subpoena power Member of panel looking into 38 Studios wants committee to use subpoena power “   At a meeting of the House Committee on Oversight Wednesday, Rep. Karen L. MacBeth, D-Cumberland, said she plans to formally request a committee vote on issuing subpoenas at the committee’s next meeting, which has not yet been scheduled.   But Oversight Committee chairman Michael J. Marcello, D-Scituate, said he doesn’t believe subpoenas are appropriate at this time. The issue prompted a sharp exchange between Marcello and MacBeth. Marcello said the committee should not seek subpoena power “based on one person’s whim.”  “One person’s whim! It’s not one person’s whim!” MacBeth retorted.  Read the Rest Here Budweiser 9/11 Tribute (Remake)

Testicular Diplomacy, Only Putin could Save Barack Obama’s Presidential Bacon, Staged Political Theatre

AESantos September 10, 2013 Only Russia’s Vladimir Putin could save Barack Obama’s Presidential Bacon… this was a classic Mexican Standoff,  both parties unzipped their flies exercising Testicular Diplomacy, neither outwardly willing to back down though  I reckon Barack Obama was secretly hoping Congress would vote down the Military option..  Had Barack Obama suggested Assad turn over their Chemical  Weapons to a U.N.  Task force, Assad would have diplomatically suggested to Obama to go pound Syrian Sand So Given two immovable opposing forces where do you go from here Given the circumstances only Vladimir Putin could wrangle a deal with Syrian President Assad….   To save face and a few Tomahawk Missiles, Secretary John “Swiftboat” Kerry’s seemingly hapless remarks that the Assad Regime fess up and hand over the weapons was Putins cue to charge in on White Horse to save Obama’s Presidential Bacon.  The fact that this solution came together in a matter of hours suggest that thiswas pre engineered by all the players crafted in advance likely during Kerry’s flight to the UK.  Political theatre to extracate Barack Obama from self-inflicted Redline-Itis.

Syria, Barack Obama’s Little Bighorn, The Second Coming of George Armstrong Custer Syria, Barack Obama's Little Bighorn AESantos (Tony) September 8, 2013 Sir William Wallace “Guardian of Scotland” (1297), King Leonidas of Sparta, the Battle of Thermopylae (490 BC), George Washington, the American Revolution, all wartime leaders whose engagements altered the course of history and civilizations.  Barack Obama’s pending attack on Syria parallel’s an ill-famed battle more than a century ago and has the hallmark of Lt. George Armstrong Custer’s disastrous charge at “Little Bighorn” (1876).   Given 1400 years of Middle East conflict resolution by brute force diplomacy and the Obama administration’s foreign policy trainwreck in Libya, Egypt, and now Syria, it’s fair to reckon Barack Obama’s earlier years with radical Bill Ayers,  would have been better spent digesting Sun-Tsu’s “Art of War”.       Gary Hubbell, a well-known Colorado Ranch Real Estate Broker (Hotchkiss, Co.) recently shared a few George Custer moments with me….     “In one memorable incident, while on the search for the war-making plains tribes, Custer saw a buffalo bull and took off on a dead gallop after the animal, abandoning his troops behind him. He chased it for miles, becoming completely disoriented in the process. He finally got close enough to shoot the bison with his pistol, and at that very moment his horse reared up and Custer shot his own horse right in the head, leaving him lost and afoot in hostile territory with no idea where he was. He was very impulsive and impetuous. He was also a terrible racist who envied his Southern counterparts in the Civil War for their ability to own slaves, and he was a staunch Democrat. Many people don’t realize that Custer was being groomed to run for the Presidency once he returned from a glorious campaign against Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. We all know how that turned out.”  Read The Rest Here

Branco Cartoon – Stranded

Clean-Up-590-LI   eastwood-38 Studios

Clint Eastwood’s Empty Chair, a Call to Service in Rhode Island’s 38 Studios Kangaroo Court

AESantos (Tony) August 21, 2013

Clint Eastwood’s “Empty Chair” looks to be available for Rhode Island’s $112 Million 38 Studios “Kangaroo Court”, the bi-partisan House panel on oversight “rigged to fail”.    While a teleprompter would be considered over the top, Mr. Eastwood’s “Empty Chair” makes for the perfect prop for this body to reckon the genesis and collapse of 38 Studios.  Fact is the power to subpoena by House oversight was “hogtied” out of the gate.  Any witness called to appear before the Oversight panel requires approval of House Speaker Gordon Fox a principle player in the genesis in the shotgun marriage between the State and 38 Studios. His role in engineering a stealth vote to increase RIEDC’s capital ceiling from $50 Million to $125 Million with no caps or restrictions has yet to be reckoned.   Any potential witnesses have long since “Lawyered Up”.  Shortly after the collapse of 38 Studios, Governor Linc Chafee laid suit to anyone remotely connected 38 studios including board members he presided over as Chair and Head Honcho of RIEDC for 17 months.   To date Governor Chafee, maintains (unsupported) the state’s single largest investment to a private entity simply failed overnight on his watch.   With thousands of pages of Email and documents the likes of which would rival ObamaCare, and no witnesses of substance to testify, Fox and Friends will find vindication and absolution in the Oversight’s finding of “Inconclusive”.   There’s no shortage of lawmakers on record caterwauling they were “hornswoggled” into a backdoor vote on 38 Studios.   Rep. (D) Patrick O’Neill resigned (Oct. 2012) from Speaker Fox leadership team on that premise, but all come up a whisker shy of calling for a Federal Investigation.    A real shame, Mr. Eastwood isn’t wasn’t available to preside over the Committee.   Read the Rest Here  

Oh Despicable Me, Update High Crimes and Misdemeanors on Smith Hill|

AESantos (Tony)  July 5, 2013 Seems Capitol Hill Washington isn’t the only swamp to be drained.  Smith Hill Democratic leadership, rank and file have no doubt proven capable of eating their own.  $2.5 Million, payment one of $112 Million 38 Studios Bond in the proposed budget stood between House Speaker Gordon Fox and an investigation launched by the bond insurers into his role in the genesis of 38 studios.  In a previous post “Great Escape On Smith Hill”, I reckoned Fox would wrangle a temporary reprieve on the Sakonnet Bridge Toll in exchange for legislative support on the $112 Million bond re- payment and annual budget.   As it turns out several days later, Eight East Bay Rep’s (Democrats) committed approval to support both bond payment and budget conditional to suspension on the tolls until April 2014 pending results of the study commission.  As the ink was drying on the approved budget Speaker Fox ambushed the the same Gang of Eight, members of his own party, allowing a “Trailer Package’ on the chamber floor reversing the agreement to toll the bridge.  Despite the ruckus on the chamber floor in the dead of night the “Trailer” was passed imposing  ten cent toll beginning August 1, a placeholder to state’s option to raise the toll at any time… (August 2?).  Given the the lack of any backlash having taking public bite out of the backsides of his own Democratic party, a House Coup  for the Speakership isn’t likely.  Speaker Fox’s bacon isn’t out of the fryer just yet, and isn’t the only principle wrapped up in the state’s worst self-inflicted financial disaster since the Credit Union collapse in 1991. Read The Rest Here

Branco Cartoon – Fanning the Flames 

Video-Stream-590-LI The Great Escape On Smith Hill 38 Studios, and Sakonnet River Bridge Toll, Brilliant and Diabolical

AESantos (Tony) June 23, 2013 The clock’s running down lighting up the tolls on the Sakonnet River Bridge, and hammering out the  budget on Smith Hill including a $2.5 Million put against the $38 Studios Bond .  While cranking out email to members on Smith Hill pressing for a cradle to grave reckoning on 38 Studios, being downwind Smith Hill, there’s whiff of some bear ugly Smith Hill deal making, both brilliant and diabolical.  House Speaker Gordon Fox recently assured Moody’s Rating , the $112 Million 38 Studios Moral Obligation Bond would be covered.   That assurance wouldn’t have been made without first having leverage.  The lack of any drama by a single member of the General Assembly to Fox ‘s assertion is a fair bet that a deal is already in the Smith Hill Sausage grinder.  A likely scenario:  A  1 year stay of execution on the Sakonnet River Bridge toll in exchange for support and budget passage including $2.5 Million as first payment against the $112 Million 38 Studios moral obligation bond.   Fox holds a $2.5 Million carrot to relieving a major negative economic impact economic on Aquidneck  Island that will ripple throughout the state.   Read the Rest Here The NSA For Dummies

Wired: The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)

NSA Data Center   Is There a Spartan on Smith Hill to Reckon the Truth on 38 Studios

AESantos (Tony) June 19, 2013 Honor and Integrity may be expectations of being born 100 years too late, but our level of trust for the members on Smith Hill runs a close second to those warming the seats of Congress.  Every soul on the hill knows anything short of a full cradle to grave reckoning of 38 Studios leaves the electorate with a Busted Trust.       If the wind is blowing right, you just might hear RI Governor Chafee, and House Speaker Gordon Fox sweating over the General Assembly debate whether to default on the $112 Million 38 Studios Moral Obligation bond.  Both are pressing to pay the bond not out of a sense of good government, but pure political survival.  Should the GA elect to default, the bond holders are covered by way or the $500K insurance policy purchased by the state, but given the circumstances the insurance company  in’t about to quietly walk away, first filing a Lawsuit, followed by  a stable of lawyers launching an investigation. Short of a Spartan on the Hill coming forward, default on the bond may be the only means to vett the truth on 38 Studios   Read the Rest Here Branco Cartoon All Ears All-Ears-590-LI High Crimes and Misdemeanors on Rogues Island (Rhode Island 38 Studios) AESantos (Tony)  June 6, 2013 A Google search of “Rogues Island” will return the state of Rhode Island among the Top 10.   Historian J. Stanley Lemons:  “It was called the sewer of New England, it was called the Licentious Republic, it was called Rogues’ Island,”  “It was considered a haven for evildoers.”         The state is still saddled with it’s share of rogues and scoundrels.  There’s an effort on Smith Hill to default on a $112 Million moral obligation bond in the state backed funding of Curt Schillings failed 38 Studios venture.  It’s no coincidence that House Speaker Gordon Fox and Governor Linc Chafee are pressing to pay back the bond, not out of principle, but purely CYA.    A decision by the General Assembly to default on bond repayment won’t go unanswered.  The insurance company and bond holders will respond with a lawsuit, and an investigation… an investigation that the General Assembly is unwilling and unable to launch.  House members are too heavily invested in the power Gordon Fox wields as speaker of the House.  Read the Rest Here Branco Cartoon  Cruz Control Crisis-IRS-590-LI Choose, Protecting your Children, Your Precious Cargo, Trash Pickup, Paper or Plastic AESantos (Tony) May 7, 2013 For a thousand years, we defended and protected those in our charge from within the walls of the Castle, the “Keep” was the place of refuge if the walls were breached.  Five months ago the walls of Sandy Hook Elementary school were breached, their only defense, a $99 remote door buzzer, defeated in a matter of moments.    A locked bathroom, and storage room, barricaded with file cabinets served as childrens makeshift  “Keep” but not before Adam Lanza gunned down 20 children and 6 staff . In the following  5 months we’ve been barraged by a trainload of state and federal gun control measures. Rhode Island’s “Cadillac Gun Control package expanded from 9 to 15 bills.  I reckon  Air Force One was unavailable to transport Newtown Ct. Police chief to Providence to testify before committee.  None of the “We gotta do Something” bills drafted or rammed thru would prevent the next Sandy Hook, not a single bill called to secure our schools.  The horrific events at Sandy hook elementary should have served  to re-engineer security in all public schools and yet the protection of our most “precious cargo” hasn’t taken priority over trash pickups, or whether paper or plastic bags  will save the planet. Read the Rest Here

  Republicans are Saddling the Wrong Horse on Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

AESantos (Tony) April 28,2013 As Washington continues to muck up the legal waters around trying Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in a Military court, it seems  Republicans Lindsay Graham, Peter King,  Kelly Ayotte  and  John McCain are saddling the wrong horse in their efforts to declare Tsarnaev an enemy combatant.   The 48 hour clock ran out on the Public Safety Exemption so the Miranda Genie is now out of the bottle, Tsarnaev’s been read his rights, and predictably stopped answering questions.    Constitutionally Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Current Status as an American citizen precludes precludes being tried in Military court, however Tsarnaev‘s not a “Natural Born Citizen”, he’s a “Naturalized Citizen”. Not to split legal hairs here… Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was granted U. S. Citizenship on September 11, 2012.  There’s an extensive laundry list of offenses and conditions committed within the first 10 years that would support Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s , revocation of citizenship (Denaturalization).   Among them :  * Engaging in Subversive Activity * Perjury and or concealing information in the course of application for citizenship * Membership in subversive organizations (5 Years) * Refusal to testify before a Congressional Committee * Causing harm and injury to U.S. Government officials  Revocation of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ‘s citizenship opens the door to declare him an enemy combatant, rescinds his current protections under the Constitution, option try in Military court, and provide quality time at Club Gitmo.  Any effort to try Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Military Court or change his  handle from American Citizen to Enemy Combatant won’t go unanswered by the Obama administration.  You can bet the ranch Attorney General Eric Holder will throw the weight of the Justice department not sparing a single buffalo nickel defending Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s citizenship, to spare Barack Obama having to reckon the  “War on Terror” is not over.

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Liberty, Terrorism, and 10 TeraBytes of Privacy, We’re in the Deep End of the Pool Now

AESantos April 23, 2013 Bostonian’s are slowly shaking the trauma of last week’s Marathon Bombing.  For many having been locked down in their homes while an armed terrorist remained at large, street warfare not unlike an episode from “24”  and 9000 members of law enforcement in a door to door manhunt,  it a fair bet folks in the greater Boston area have a newfound respect for the 2nd Amendment.  In a crisis, Federal agencies are afforded a wide berth in intelligence gathering.  In the hours that followed the bombing the last concern for many Americans is whether their phone call, text, email to pickup a gallon of milk, or online banking transaction was intercepted by the FBI.   Casting a wide digital net in the interest of National Security no doubt puts liberty, privacy and Constitutional rights under the 4th amendments in the deep end of the pool.  Read the Rest Here

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Rhode Island’s Cadillac Gun Control Package, Not a Single Buffalo Nickel to Protect Schools

AESantos (Tony)  April 10, 2013

Rhode Island lawmakers rolled out a 9 Bill “We Gotta Do Something”  Gun Control package predictably boiler-plated after recent New York and Connecticut Anti-Gun legislation.  Bans on High Capacity Magazines, Semi-Automatic Assault Weapons (no such animal) sole discretion to the Attorney General to issue concealed carry permits.  And what legislative package would be complete without a “Task Force”, in this case protocol management to submit mental health, and drug abuse info for FBI background checks.  So this Cadillac Gun Control package comes fully loaded with one glaring exception…  If the intent of this package engineered after the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary is to protect our Youngin’s why wasn’t a funding mandate packaged to staff all public schools K thru 12 and State Colleges with armed resource officers.  Currently Rhode Island middle and high schools are staffed with full time armed resource officers, but not single Buffalo Nickel was called to extend protection to elementary schools our most vulnerable, or to state colleges, remarkable considering the recent lockdown at the University of Rhode Island, fortunately a false alarm.  The near miss at URI however raised a bucket full of what if’s.   Read The Rest Here Abouts


Badda Bing, I know a Guy Who Knows a Guy, The Culture of Rhode Island Democrats |

AESantos (Tony) April 8, 2013 To a large block of native Rhode Islanders, voting Democrat has little to do with politics, it’s about a culture that’s evolved over generations, and reinforced a Democratic stronghold for seven plus decades.  “Jack Kennedy was a Democrat, Hell that’s good enough for me, Republicans are S.O.B’s  who’ll  steal your pension and social security “ …  kitchen table wisdom, handed down over the years.    A tug on the Democrat Handle in the voting booth is as “Roe-Dylin” as Coffee Milk, Haven Brothers weiners, and a low numbered license plate.  There’s no cronyism or corruption on Smith Hill, but if you need a new furnace, or $75 Million for a video game startup, well, “I Know a Guy, Who Knows a Guy”.  Harvard or Yale has nothing over a state job, early retirement with pension, and compounded COLA’s.  The good life made possible thru collective bargaining.  Democrats will choose a Scoundrel over a Republican six ways to Sunday.  There isn’t a Senior Citizen in high rise in Congressional District One that hasn’t choked down a rubber chicken dinner trucked in by former Providence Mayor now 2nd term Congressman David Cicilline, Any resident will tell you, “He’s such a nice boy, saving my Social Security from those Republicans, I knew his Mother ya know”.  Cicilline’s “Enron” management of Providence left the capital city’s finances circling the bowl, and a parting gift of $110 Million deficit.   His penance for high crimes and misdemeanors …. Democrats re-elected him to a 2nd term to warm the CD1 seat  Read More Here twisted gun


Can’t Repeal the 2nd Amendment in Rhode Island, Then Tax It

AESantos March 1, 2013 In Rhode Island, if you can’t repeal the 2nd Amendment then do the next best thing … just Tax It.  Some 500 plus Rhode Islanders filled the halls, stairwells, and rotunda of the Capital City State House to reckon the opposition to the taxation of their 2nd Amendment rights as law abiding gun owners, and harassment arguably under the 4th Amendment.   The Progressive Brain Trust under the guise of responding to the events of Sandy Hook Elementary opted to pass on the usual back door incrementalism, and go full tilt. House Bill H-5573  (An act Relating to Criminal Offenses) Mandates: 1.)  Every Firearm must be registered with the licensing authority of that city or town 2.)  Separate registration for each firearm requires, Name, Address, Fingerprint, and Signature of registrant 3.)  A Fee of $100.00 would be levied on each individual registration (Each Gun). 4.)  Failure to register could result in a 3 year stretch in the local Hoosegow, a $3000.00 fine or both. In all fairness the four Democratic sponsors of the bill did stop short of mandating a DNA sample, and ankle bracelet be worn by each law abiding registrant. Read the Rest Here

HellFire Maverick On The Hill Ted Cruz

AESantos February 21, 2013

Barely eight weeks on The Hill, Hellfire Maverick Senator Ted Cruz (D-Tx) has raised a ruckus, the likes of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) only regrets are Cruz isn’t a Progressive Democrat, and he had to be a damn Texan.  Cruz, now 42 is packing some serious bragging rights, Princeton Debate, Magna Cum Laude Harvard Law, Clerked for Chief Justice William Rehnquist, and former Texas Solicitor General. He may have come to Washington with the Republican brand, but his first obligation is to folks who sent him there.   Establishment Republicans just can’t reckon  Conservatives service to constituents over Party.   Given his mark in his short time on the Hill, NY Times, Politico WashPo, wasted little time on their assault. More To Read Here 


The Next Sandy Hook Just a Near Miss Away

AESantos February 6, 2013 The words children and hostage should never be found in the same phrase or thought, and yet in near two months since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown Ct.  billions in Prime Washington Pork were pumped  into Hurricane Sandy reliefnot a single buffalo nickel in funding has been called to the chamber floor to secure our most vulnerable schools, while Diane Feinstein and company continue to leverage the images and souls of Sandy Hook in their agenda to disarm America. I reckon  White House speech writers weren’t too proud to rustle a few lines from NRA’s  CEO Wayne LaPierre statement  on Sandy Hook 6 weeks earlier…  Read the Rest Here. Photo-Op-590-LI   House Oversight The Absolution of Rubes and Rogues of $120 Million Rhode Island AESantos January 28, 2013 Life’s good in office when you can call an investigation and  exonerate yourself from wrongdoing.   Rhode Island’s House Oversight investigation of the collapse of Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios, the states largest self-inflicted financial disaster shouldn’t be mistaken as postmortem.  The product of this effort is the Absolution of the Rubes and Rogues who engineered, ratified the largest single loan to a business, $75 Million and for 17 months presided over it’s failure.  The focus of  Oversight which hasn’t convened in the 2 plus  years isn’t cause and effect of the collapse, but the future health of RIEDC.  Read More Here

Massachusetts, Scorched Earth Capitalism Hostile Takeover Rhode Island and Connecticut Economies

AESantos January 23, 2013

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick may be a hard core Progressive, but unlike Rhode Island Governor he’s got firm grip on capitalism, and how to eliminate the competition.  For the second time in 2 years, Massachusetts has launched legislation that will fatten their coffers while throwing an anchor to a desperate Rhode Island economy just treading water.   Governor Patrick’s plan to overhaul current Tax Code drops the current sales tax to 4.5% from 6.25% jeopardizing some $900 Million in R.I. Sales tax revenue.  In keeping with his Progressive side, the drop in sales tax comes with the sting of $1.9 Billion in new taxes (Income Tax).  R.I. Loss projections by the Casino bill (Ma.) passed November 2011 are still pending, but the first of three Massachusetts Casino’s scheduled to open 2014, are expected to take a bite out of R.I. gambling revenues, just south of $380 Million.   Massachusetts shares Connecticut’s northern border clear to New York State. Governor Patrick’s looking to carve out a his share of Connecticut’s  $4 Billion Sales Tax, and $14.7 Billion Gross gambling revenues.   In the private sector this strategy would be likened to “Scorched Earth Capitalism”.    Massachusetts has no interest, in competing with the RI and Ct. economies, this is a straight up Hostile Takeover.  Given the lack of vision, leadership and shortage of Political Spartans on Smith Hill, and pressing matters of Lapdog legislation and equal opportunity Father Daughter dances, best we might expect from management is another Task Force, or Economic Commission…   Read More Here We’re Deeply Obliged to Prof. Jacobson at Legalinsurrection.com for linking to this post

A Near Miss at Taft Union High, The NRA Was Right

AESantos January 10, 2013

The victim of today’s shooting at Taft Union High (Taft,Ca) would no doubt argue his wounds from the business end of a shotgun are a damn far cry from a Near Miss.  This shooting was a tragedy in the making, preempted by the actions of a single teacher and campus supervisor that might have claimed more lives.  This was the “Near Miss” of the next Sandy Hook that could in fact been prevented or avoided altogether.  A week after the Mass Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School,  (Dec. 21, 2012)   Wayne LaPierre  NRA’s Executive Vice President was excoriated by the Gun Control mob, following his recommendations to secure our schools…  “I call on Congress today to act immediately, to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every school — and to do it now, to make sure that blanket of safety is in place when our children return to school in January.”  LaPierre, and the NRA called it right.  None of the reports of the events at Taft Union make reference to an  “Armed Resource Officer” …. the shooter simply walked into the school encountering no resistance .Read More Here

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Rep. David Cicilline Progressive Varmint Caught in NRA Bear Trap

AESantos December 23, 2012

Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) looks to be the first progressive varmint caught up in the NRA’s Bear Trap. Barely moments  after the NRA press conference on the shooting tragedy at Newtown Ct. David Cicilline  immediately targeted NRA’s CEO Wayne LaPierre and his recommendation that all schools be staffed with armed police to insure their safety.    Cicilline: “Wayne LaPierre’s bizarre, out-of-touch press conference should be called out for what it truly is a disgusting, desperate attempt to block the enactment of responsible gun safety”  “Our schools should be places for students to learn in a safe and nurturing environment, and the idea of injecting guns into public schools as a strategy for keeping children safe is outrageous.”     La Pierre’s recommendation that all schools are staffed with armed police simply extends the same protection already implemented in our Middle, and High, schools by assigning Armed Police “Resource Officers” to our elementary schools, currently  the most vulnerable in our education system.  Read More Here

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Rhode Island is Underwater, Critical Shortage of Leadership, Vision and Testosterone

AESantos October 11 2012

Jobs, recovery, and  surplus… words not used in the same breath in these parts for a few years.   Unlike, Wisconsin, Ohio, among other states that created thousands of jobs, and turned  billions in deficits  to surplus, returning a few Ben Franklin’s to their coffers,  Rhode Island continues to white-knuckled the hope of drafting on the national economy that’s still circling the bowl.  Rhode Island, the Ocean State is underwater due to a critical shortage of leadership, vision and testosterone.  In turning to the Governor’s office for leadership, we find an “Empty Chair” and a man in search of a ribbon to cut. Read More Here   RedneckRepublic.org is Grateful for LegalInsurrection.com   Link to this article.

Barack Obama, “Just Trim a Little Fat Off the Constitution” AESantos (Tony)   July 4, 2012

“Just trim a little fat off the Constitution”, that line could well have been written for Barack Obama. Void of any leadership, Barack Obama’s  brandishing Executive order and Privilege  to bludgeon his way to another fours year at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.   Governance by decree is just another handle for  Banana Republic Read More Here

Sorry Governor, When you Own the Ranch You Own the Outhouse Too

AESantos (Tony) May 31, 2012 Most any sitting Governor will tell you “When you Own the Ranch you Own the Outhouse too, where Rhode Island Governor Linc Chafee’s spent the last 3 weeks digging a deeper hole, for sure no better place to “CYA”. The $75 Million shotgun wedding of Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios to the State of Rhode Island (July 2010), engineered by former Governor Don Caccieri, and R.I. General Assembly leadership has Circled the Bowl. The post mortem is now pending on 38-Gate, Rhode Island’s largest self-inflicted financial disaster second only to the 1991 RISDC collapse.  Read the Rest Here

Freedom is not for Government or Man to Take. It is However Yours to Surrender …. 

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