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RI Truckers in Talks With National Groups for Class Action Lawsuit

The Ten Commandments of Capital Hill

AESantos (Tony) January 5, 2016
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I. Thou Shalt:

Bow to the Politically Protected, Propagate their Numbers thru Compulsory Diversity, Multiculturalism and Political Correctness.

II. Thou Shalt Not:
Compromise the Power of the Speaker, Ruling Class Party, or the Unofficial 4th Branch of Government Organized Labor.

III. Thou Shalt Not:
Bear False Witness Under Oath, But May Spin, Jive, Perjure, Double Deal, Duck and Deceive Under the Protection of Elected Office.

IV. Thou Shalt:
Publically Champion the Virtues of the Constitution, Liberty and Transparency While Quietly Emasculating The U.S. Constitution Under the Guise of Legislation.

V. Thou Shalt:
Expand The Power and Scope of Government for its Own Sake by Empowering and Weaponizing the Departments of Justice, IRS, EPA, and the BLM.

VI. Thou Shalt Not: Covet the Gavel of the Speaker of The House or Conspire to Coup.

VII. Thou Shalt Not:
Empower the Minority Party without First Excising a Pound of Flesh, and Lay Claim to First Born.

VIII. Thou Shalt Not:
Cut Any Tax or Tribute Before Replacing it with Another Tax or Tribute of Greater Value.

IX. Thou Shall Not:
Risk Exposure or Share with Friends and Family When Trading on “Wall Street Insider Information”.

X. Thou Shalt Not:
Empower the Masses or The Electorate Lest Ye Violate Any Commandment Inspire or Revolt.

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Obama Meeting with Attorney General to Finalize Executive Gun Control

 America’s Veterans, Her Forsaken Sons and DaughtersWar Vets

Photo Credit VetFriends.com
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AESantos (Tony) December 2, 2015

     Few would argue the compassion and aid extended by Washington to those who reach American soil thru war torn crisis or climbing over a border fence is generous to a fault. Their largesse however comes a bit too easy when powered by the American taxpayer and the Fed who’s on speed dial with Capitol Hill. The fiery rhetoric over the Syrian Refugee crisis and illegal immigration has re-fired a decades’ long argument that the needs of Americas Sons and Daughters, our Veteran warriors come before all. 22 million no longer wear the uniform, their service to country has ended but their sacrifice continues. A Soldier’s core belief is to “never leave a man behind” a concept no doubt foreign to Capitol Hill.

This post is fueled in part by the experiences of a United States Marine whose service began some 45 years ago during the Vietnam War. Joe whose name was adopted for this post reached out to share some of those experiences. Joe hails from Madison, Wisconsin where he enlisted in the Marine Corp. at 17. His service to country ended long ago but any Marine will tell you once a Marine always a Marine. While his challenges with the Veterans Administration are his own they reflect a common experience with millions in the VA bureaucracy that persist after the 2014 scandal that exposed the cover up, mismanagement and malpractice that attributed to the deaths of many Veterans.

Most alarming is the high rate of suicide among veterans. While competing studies vary, as many as 22 Veterans take their own lives every day.   Depression and PTSD are linked directly to the high rate of suicide among Veterans. As much as 80 percent of Vietnam and 20 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans suffer from PTSD and or depression. These numbers are a moving target as undiagnosed cases surface every day.   One common thread in the high suicide rate is the lack of consistent and regular care of Veterans.   Joe wrote of his best friend back in Washington who suffers from chronic PTSD. His treatment ranges from overmedication that totally incapacitates him or under-medication that has landed him in a psychiatric ward for a month.

January 2015 El Paso, Tx. Senior psychologist Timothy Fjordback lost his life to a former employee and Veteran Jerry Serrato at the Fort Bliss VA. Serrato had filed a claim for PTSD benefits and his claim was denied. Rather than enduring the VA appeals process, Serrato filed his own final appeal with Timothy Fjordback at a local market with a Smith and Wesson and then turned his gun on himself. The GAO (Govt. Accountability Office) determined in 63 percent of patient casework (suicide cases) proper protocol wasn’t followed in documenting patient care, and follow up care suffered as a result.

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Illegal Immigration, Washington and Wall Street’s Quietly Traded Human Commodity

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AESantos (Tony) November 21, 2015

   “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”  

The motives of the Washington Democratic collective are far less noble and compassionate than the words of Emily Lazzarus now memorialized on the statue of Lady Liberty. The mile high view on the illegal immigration ground war would leave many Americans to reckon of the three principles trading in the human commodity of Illegal Immigration, Washington’s Political Establishment, Wall Street, and the lowly Mexican Coyote (Coyotaje), the Coyote makes no secret of engaging and profiting in what amounts to human trafficking. From the Whitehouse to the Capital Chamber floor, Washington’s interest in illegal immigration is mercenary and purely self-serving. The immigrants they claim to embrace are a means to establish a permanent Democratic majority. Calls on the capital chamber floor for immigration reform are simply a red herring. Any meaningful reform would mean bringing order to the chaos. Reform would require regulation, border security and enforcement, prosecution of employers hiring illegal immigrants, revocation of benefits, and the dreaded Progressive “D” word…Deportation, all elements that head the short list of mandates that would choke off the flow of illegal immigration. Anything short of full and unconditional amnesty is cause to leave the immigration system in chaos already rife with corruption.  To be clear, members of the Republican ruling class and establishment moderates that crossed the aisle and decided to stay are also scrambling for their share of the immigrant vote. The President’s laundry list of executive orders and policy changes on deportation has given license to Governors and Mayors to follow suit in the expansion of 340 sanctuary cities. Rhode Island has the dubious distinction of being the only sanctuary state. Some 30% of capital crimes in many cities are committed by Illegals, and repeat offenders make their way back thru the revolving doors of a porous southern border.

     The collateral damage inflicted on America’s sons and daughters by Washington’s collective effort to capture the immigrant vote is arguably criminal.  Nearly 50,000 veterans, men and women, American warriors who selflessly served to protect this nation, many at great personal sacrifice are homeless, and yet the financial hit for 11 Million illegal immigrants total $113 Billion. To give scale to that number, the 2015 budget for the entire State of New York was $92.5 Billion.  Ten states including the District of Colombia now provide drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. Other Blue States pandering for that vote are lining up in the queue. October 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown signs legislation that could allow illegal immigrants to vote.   Under the guise of “Public Safety” north of 4 Million illegal immigrants will be in a position to illegally cast a vote in the 2016 election. Left unchecked the objective of a permanent Democratic majority may be only one or two election cycles downstream.
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Paris Attacks Bring Inevitable Calls for Gun Control From the Left

Isis Pursuing Chemical Weapon Development

HuffPo: Combating Climate Change Is ‘Best Way to Fight ISIS’

Political Correctness, Weaponizing the Unholy Trinity of Social Engineering

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AESantos (Tony) November 13, 2015

     Most any Boomer will tell you the America we knew is still in our hearts and minds but no longer within our grasp.  Many of the simple freedoms we enjoyed only decades ago are subject to criminal prosecution today. This radical departure has little to do with the natural evolution of the American culture and identity. Political correctness, compulsory diversity, and multiculturalism the “Unholy Trinity” of Social Engineering is the calculated destruction of America’s core values. Public education, liberal/progressive universities, and a complicit media are the primary conduits for channeling this Cultural Marxist agenda. Most vulnerable are the young people warming the seats of the public school system where the PC Gospel is disseminated by the Department of Education as curriculum, a progressive euphemism for indoctrination. For six plus hours a day our children are subject to a political agenda of revisionist history, junk science and engineered social behavior under the guise of education. Public education is the self-appointed moral authority serving your children breakfast lunch and birth control. Policies of Zero Tolerance are deeply rooted within our public schools where expressions of American patriotism, or Christian faith, are grounds for ridicule or suspension, schoolyard games of dodge ball, tag, are outlawed, and the first sign of a hand gesture or half-eaten pastry remotely resembling a firearm is cue for rabid response by school administration to intercept a child armed with a loaded toaster pastry. The recent crop of Social Justice Warriors are a product of Progressive academia, angry young people who never once reckoned they were being victimized, and oppressed until their progressive mentors gave them notice during lecture. The breadth of their worldly experience and wisdom is drawn from the university lecture hall, their smartphone or tablet engaged in social media battles from Starbucks or the bowels of their folk’s basement.    Much as it seems these narratives and directives are hatched in some secret Star Chamber, fact is the genesis of these mandates are handed down from Mount Academia, progressive and power hungry minority interest, propped and fueled by a complicit state run media. Generations of Americans wrangle with simple conversation, unable to communicate without first filtering every thought to insure it doesn’t offend or violate the tenets of the PC Gospel.
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Modern Educayshun Political Correctness Unhinged

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Reckoning 38 Studios, Conspiracy to Conceal, Be Careful What You Wish For

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AESantos (Tony) November 5, 2015

In recent months public faith and trust in Rhode Island governance have eroded to the point where Smith Hill and Capitol Hill would be competing for dead last, not unfamiliar territory for folks in Rhode Island. Central to this mistrust is the corruption in the genesis and collapse of 38 studios leaving a $75 Million taxpayer door prize, $110 Million after tax title and interest. If there were a single moment of post-election optimism, it vaporized shortly after inauguration. Governor Gina Raimondo, and House Speaker Nick Mattiello confirmed their political promise and commitment to publicly vett 38 Studios wasn’t worth a single Buffalo Nickel. The public reaction from their one-eighty reversal has been Bear Ugly. Rhodeworks 2.0 and the PawSox Relo respectively Raimondo’s and Mattiello’s legacy public spending projects have taken a relentless public beating. Leadership on the Hill can’t propose a public spending proposal without taking fire from an angry electorate who’ve been characterized as petulant children paralyzing an economy already circling the bowl and unwilling move forward and let the corruption of 38 studios go. The efforts good government groups and thousands of Rhode Islanders to pressure leadership and the rank and file to call for an independent investigation stop short of of asking …. Who and What is Smith Hill Leadership protecting?

Occams Razor: This loosely stated scientific argument claims the simplest explanation or conclusion is usually the correct one. Leadership’s refusal to publicly vett the corruption of 38 Studios opens the consideration to an alternate and unthinkable conclusion that an independent investigation will expose a level of public corruption far deeper that we already know and that number of prominent lawmakers and public officials implicated would make PlunderDome look like a Downhome block party solidifying Rhode Island’s reputation as the “Brown Bag” state.      Arguably the basis for this conclusion is circumstantial but leadership’s reticence and lack of transparency in all things 38 Studios makes for a compelling argument to reckon “Leadership’s need to protect the Political Hierarchy and the reputation of the state (such that it is) supersedes the public’s right to know the truth.”
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Watters World, Cornell Edition… Is there Still Hope?


Branco Cartoon – Stranded

WATCH: Clinton Claims She Never Got Any of the 600 Security Requests from Libya  MRCTV:

Hillary Clinton Admits She Broke U.S. Law in Benghazi


Branco Cartoon – Cackling Past the Graveyard





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An Epic Address by Benjamin Netanuahu بنيامين نتانياهو​ Before the U.N. a Corrupt Body falling on deaf ears

Testicular Fortitude
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Lally, Cicilline, and Raimondo, Follow The Breadcrumbs

Photo Credit IndependentRI.Com Michael Derr

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AESantos (Tony) September 14, 2015

If the Rhode Island Ethics commission wasn’t reduced from Stallion to Gelding, they’d be focused not on the “Revolving Door” to a manufactured post in the Raimondo Administration, but to the what may have been a “Back Door” attempt to seat Susan Cicilline Buonanno, to RI District 33 seat abandoned by former State Rep. Donald Lally back in March 2015, Buoanno is sister to CD1’s (D-RI) David Cicilline

Ask yourself one question: If Susan Cicilline Buonanno won the special election to RI District 33 would the trail of breadcrumbs to David Lally’s newfound post in Raimondo Administration still be the subject of a Revolving Door argument or a serious ethics investigation?

Chronology and Breadcrumbs:
After some 24 years of service, Donald Lally RI District 33 (Narragansett) was one of 47 General Assembly members who ran unopposed in 2014

March 17, 2015
Rep. Lally announces his resignation citing the need to spend more time with family and his law practice after the loss of both parents several months earlier.

March 17, 2015
Within hours of Rep. Lally’s resignation, Susan Cicilline Buonanno (4 term Narragansett Town Council) and sister to CD1’s (D-RI) David Cicilline announces her intent to run for Rep. Lally’s District 33 post.

April 28, 2015
(As reported by GoLocalProv) Glenna Hagopian former Narragansett Town Council President files Ethics complaint citing Susan Cicilline Buonanno’s use of Public resources to further her campaign. (Gladstone Elementary email address and Gladstone office phone number as contact for Campaign reports)

May 5, 2015
Despite support from House Speaker Mattiello, Providence Firefighters, and brother David, Susan Cicilline Buonanno loses her Democratic Primary bid to Carol Hagan McEntee by 75 Votes. Buonanno’s primary loss was no doubt attributed to the ethics complaint filed just one week earlier

September 10, 2015
After just four months of resigning his post as District 33 Rep. in the R.I. General Assembly, Donald Lally hires on “Small Business Liaison” in the Raimondo Administration, an un-posted $87K Position.

Like so many unreckoned political scenarios and scandals in Rhode Island, sometimes all you have is a trail of breadcrumbs to follow. Pundits, good government groups and the media have developed tunnel vision over Governor Raimondo’s “Smith Hill Two-Step” to dodge the “Revolving Door” policy by hiring Former Rep. Lally as an administration staffer, and haven’t stepped back looked at the bigger picture to ask the question “what if”.
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Photo Credit GoLocalProv
GoLocalProv: Kate Nagel
Star RI Startup Nabsys Closes in Providence
Nabsys Raises $40 Million then Mysteriously Closes
RI Governor Gina Raimondo Served on Board
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The War on Police, Another Shot in Cold Blood

High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Mayor Alan Fung’s Fall From HonorAlan FungPhoto Credit to GoLocalProv.com

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AESantos (Tony) August 26, 2015

Justice doesn’t come easy in Rhode Island.   The scandal that’s dogged Cranston Mayor Alan Fung since December 2013 will take its place in a long line of unreckoned Rhode Island scandals.   Alan Fung will join Rhode Island’s gallery of rogues and scoundrels, former House Speaker Gordon Fox, House Rep. (D) David Cicilline among others.   For weeks media pundits and political analysts have argued whether Alan Fung can survive this scandal, what he must do to survive, but not whether he should. Alan Fung’s fitness to lead has been seriously compromised. Some have speculated the Mayor was subject to political extortion, many would argue political extortion is simply a euphemism for extreme horse trading.  If the city of Cranston were a private enterprise, Alan Fung as CEO, would have been fired within hours of the release of the State Police report.

Short of a constituent uprising demanding Alan Fung’s resignation which doesn’t look to be in the making, Cranston City Council will likely opt for political expedience over justice leaving the embattled Cranston Mayor will ride out his current term. The four hour public grilling of Mayor Fung by City Council and residents, expected to be an epic battle amounted to little more than an arm wrestle. One might reckon members of the council had already chosen political expedience over justice before stepping into chambers.   If Council were to declare war, calling for the Mayor’s resignation, that window has long since passed.   Even if successful recall and special election could be launched, Fung’s successor would be serving a term of days or weeks. The call for another investigation is after months of investigation by State police at a cost north of $500K appears to be simply a stall. Without a widespread “Cranstonian” call for the Mayors resignation, a faceoff between Alan Fung and City council is little more than a game of political chicken. Fung has everything to lose and is heavily invested salvaging his political future to cry Uncle.

The State Police Report should be required reading. The first 20 of 180 pages are no doubt damning of Alan Fung’s mismanagement and deception, but digesting the full report shows the depth of corruption that existed in the Cranston Police Department on the Fung Watch. The actions of this cast of characters in the blistering State Police Report read somewhere between “Who’s on First What’s on Second”, and “Despicable People”.
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Vulture’s Are Circling
Fauxchontas lying in Wait
Branco Cartoon – Dead Broke

Moore: Elorza’s Misguided Guatemalan Tour

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Legal Insurrection:
Crowd sings “How Great Thou Art” after high school band banned

Ann Coulter: Fewer Terrorists If We Stop Bringing Them In

Come September Your Precious Cargo is Safe as Were the Souls of Sandy Hook Elementary ens_121613_sandyHook-500x330Photo Credit: REUTERS/Carlo Allegri
The First Step Beyond the Breached Door of Any School Should be Met by a Trained Resource Officer, “A Good Guy With A Gun”
AESantos (Tony) August, 13, 2015

Lockdown, Active Shooter… three words certain to trigger a rush of adrenalin, panic, and a speed dial to the better half. In a handful of weeks, a new school year begins. Of the near 350 Rhode Island Public schools 149 are elementary schools. Parents will take no comfort in knowing come September their precious cargo is as safe as were the 26 souls whose lives were ended in less than 10 minutes in the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. What stood between the victims of Sandy Hook and the gunman was a simple remote door buzzer, an intercom, and a non-recording video cam installed in 2005. Currently there are Zero Resource officers assigned to Rhode island’s elementary schools, many but not all of the 49 high schools have resource officers on staff, some of which are rotated to middle schools.

     At the time of the shooting, there were no Resource Officers assigned to Sandy Hook Elementary, and only one resource officer assigned to the High school and middle school. Newtown leadership post shooting efforts have yielded a minimum of 2 police officers in each of Newtown’s seven schools. Had there been an armed resource officer assigned to Sandy Hook, a “Good Guy with a Gun”, Adam Lanza may well have been the only casualty.

President Barack Obama In the wake of Sandy Hook: “We won’t be able to stop every violent act, but if there is even one thing that we can do to prevent any of these events, we have a deep obligation, all of us, to try.” Lost in the narrative of Gun Control several years earlier President Obama and Congress allowed a $1 Billion School Security program to lapse. $800 Million of which was slated to provide Police officers on staff of public schools. That same appropriation may well have kept the 26 souls of Sandy Hook out of harm’s way.

     Gun Control advocates across the nation have co-opt and leveraged the events at Sandy Hook to advance their gun control agenda. Members of the Smith Hill gun control caucus, and Bloomberg’s Everytown have tag teamed, rallied and pressed for their brand of “Common Sense Gun Control” to effectively emasculate the 2nd Amendment, but in all the rhetoric, not one piece of significant piece legislation has emerged, not one Buffalo Nickel appropriated to improve school security beyond a simple remote door buzzer. In the days following Sandy Hook, the Rhode Island General Assembly’s answer to securing our schools was to classify all matters of safety, security and protocol top secret. All decisions of school safety would be left in the hands of school administrators. Inquiries by concerned parents would be rebuffed on the chance this information would fall into the hands of the Bad Guys.
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Legal Insurrection:
Vultures circling Hillary: Al Gore insiders talking up potential run

Hillary finally hands over her server—after it’s been professionally wiped Clean

Cranston Mayor Alan Fung Singlehandedly Sending RIGOP Back to Stone Age.. UnlessAlan Fung                Photo Credit to GoLocalProv.com

AESantos (Tony) July 28, 2015

By now one might reckon the Republican 2014 primary Hatfield and McCoy feud between the Alan Fung and Ken Block camps would have reignited on the release of the long awaited RI State Police letter summarizing the Fung’s mismanagement and interference of the Cranston Police department,  however the battlefield usually social media, and reprisals of “ I Told Ya’ So” with minor exception haven’t erupted .. there’s good reason for that. There’s a real possibility that Alan Fung, a Republican and Mayor of the 3rd largest city will have to leave office in disgrace regardless whether the State Police report is offered in full or redacted form. The content of the State Police summary letter without the 200 page report is damning enough. Fung’s submission of the report to Attorney General for an advisory opinion based on personnel matters and HIPPA compliance to potentially redact damning information is a Hail Mary. This desperate measure to save a political career circling the bowl is the only transparent element of the last 48 hours.
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Times of Israel: UN Security Council unanimously approves Iran deal Home Grown Jihad in Our Backyard Son of Boston Police Captain Arrested as Possible Terrorist Barack Obama & John Kerry’s Legacy A Nuclear Iran Legal Insurrection: Awaiting historic sellout of Israel by Obama-Kerry

Branco Cartoon – Chewbacca Legal Insurrection: Gaza July 8, 2014 – Hamas Rockets Ignite War .” 

Rush Limbaugh: The Left’s Moral Relativism Has Eaten Our Has Eaten Our Culture Alive — and Conservatives Have No Political Strategy to Stop It RushRealvilleSignSmokinRush Branco Cartoon – Next Up RhodeWorks 2.0, a Stimulus Package For Labor, Ruggeiro’s Toll Gantry Giveaway Photo Credit EastBayRI

AESantos (Tony) June 22, 2015
Six years ago the Federal Government borrowed $831 Billion from China to kick start a failing economy by putting millions to work at “Shovel Ready” jobs rebuilding our crumbling roads and infrastructure. Rhode Island’s share of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (AARA), commonly known as “The Stimulus”….$1.1 Billion.  Leaving the next painfully obvious question, and narrative rhetorical, May 27, Governor Raimondo launches RhodeWorks to put “thousands to work at rebuilding our crumbling roads and infrastructure”.   The details of the $750 Million bond on the backs of the trucking industry, and $1 Billion over 10 years could easily have been drafted on the back of a bar napkin. After weeks of enduring the public ruckus,  House Speaker Mattiello puts RhodeWorks on ice, but like all government “Investment” programs, none bear an expiration date.  Out of public view, RhodeWorks was getting an extreme makeover and a fresh coat of paint.
Still bearing the RhodeWorks brand, on the same day the House unanimously approved an $8.6 Billion budget, Senate Majority leader Dominick Ruggeiro resurrects RhodeWorks 2.0. The laundry list of tax, fuel, registration rebates and grants posted by Projo  shows a desperate effort to ram this legislation by mitigating the growing revolt of local business.   The complexity of downstream givebacks will call for it’s own bureaucracy to reckon.   If Rhodeworks 2.0 becomes law, Ruggeiro will be elevated from mere mortal to patron saint of all things labor. For the next 10 years, the bulk of the thousands of jobs promised by this redux of the Federal Stimulus are all but guaranteed to be awarded to well established “Union Shops”.     One day prior to the floor vote Rep. (R) Patricia Morgan amid Democratic howling, and applause on the chamber floor announced she would not submit her $60 Million/10 year rehab plan based on budget cuts.   Arguably Morgan’s uncharacteristic retreat on the chamber floor was pressured by her own Republican leadership.  Taking the Morgan plan off the table clears the way for the new and improved RhodeWorks 2.0.  To the Average Joe,  it was clear her own party left her stranded in the Democratic shark tank. The Republican party may have doubled their numbers to 12 on the Hill but the shutout budget vote 75/Zero budget vote without a single rumble over the 38 Studios repayment, or the Pension settlement, they no doubt checked their testosterone at the door. Read the Rest and Comment Here ISIS In Rhode Island, Only One Degree of Separation, We’re Not In Kansas AnymoreRovinskiNicholas Rovinski’s  (Nuh al Andalusi) Twitter Image AESantos (Tony) June 15, 2015 Warwick, Rhode Island, a town as far removed from the threat of terrorism as Salina Kansas, or Great Falls, Montana, until now.  On May 31, thousands with their families lined the tarmac at the Quonset Air Show never suspecting that a barbaric act of terrorism would be unfolding in their own backyard.  Just miles away three men Nicholas Rovinski aka Nuh al Andalusi (24) Warwick, RI, David Wright (25) Everett, Ma, and Usaama Rahim (26) of Boston, walked a nearby beach and conspired to behead Pam Geller a firebrand political activist. Geller earlier that month promoted the  “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” in Garland Texas, her defiant answer to the Charlie Hebdo (Paris) massacre where 12 lost their lives at the hands of two Al-Qaeda terrorist.  Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi armed with Semi-Automatic rifles attempted to break into Gellers Garland event.  Both assailants who identified with ISIS and other terrorist interests thru social media were shot and killed by armed security before they could gain entry. The conspiracy  brewed up by Rovinski, Wright, and Rahim to behead Geller was framed with the same motive … retaliation for Gellers Garland Texas event. Read the Rest and Comment Here Branco Cartoon – His Little Pony Posted by BreitBart: Sessions to Obama: Why Are You Keeping Obamatrade’s New Global Governance Secret? Buck Up and Pay Your “Fair Share” of $380 Million in Rhode Island Entitlement Fraud Entitlement Fraud Updated and Rebranded AESantos (Tony) May 30,2015 $1 Million Dollars per day ….. that’s the door prize Rhode Island taxpayers are saddled for Smith Hill lawmakers failure to address and reckon entitlement fraud.   State coffers barely have two buffalo nickels to rub together, land yet lawmakers turn a blind eye to what amounts to government sanctioned theft.   Not a new concept in a state where wealth redistribution is fundamental to retaining one’s power and control. Pitch  a stone in any direction, it’s liable to find someone who knows who has a deck of “EBT” cards for sale, or barter, someone who’s been riding the disability train for years yet healthy enough to wrestle a steer, or someone exploiting the “Friends and Family” use of Medicare and Medicaid. If there’s an entitlement or benefit offered by State/Federal government someone is profiting by it politically and financially. Estimates put 10% of the Federal budget allocated to entitlements is lost to fraud which translates to $100 Billion plus in “Stolen Entitlements” and massive profit for those who know how to wrangle the system. To lend context to that number, Governor Brown’s proposed budget for 2014 was $106 Billion to run the entire state of California. Rhode Island one of the deepest of Blue States ranks among the highest in entitlement payouts. The Lions Share (45%) of Rhode Island’s 2014/2015 $8.5 Billion budget weighs in at a $3.8 Billion for entitlements and benefits. Given the national estimate of 10% loss to fraud, Rhode Island rings in north of $380 Million, a bear ugly number that can no longer be written off as collateral damage or cost of doing business. There’s comes a point when the act of committing fraud in any taxpayer funded program escalates from misdemeanor to felony, some have morphed into full blown criminal enterprises.   Any reluctance in the past to aggressively pursue entitlement  fraud has been purely a matter of Political CYA.   Scouring Governor Raimondo’s recent budget proposal, the Governor’s trivial pursuit of fraud target’s only $2 Million in HHS fraud thru “Predictive Modeling” .  Fraud and waste is a deeply rooted problem, and yet in the entire proposed budget, “Fraud” can be counted on one hand. Outlined in broad strokes is a legislative proposal with the potential to recover/save hundreds of millions lost to fraud annually. B.A.E.R. Bounty Assisted Entitlement Recovery is a program to expand the current investigative capabilities by State Police, Office of the Attorney General, and HHS Fraud investigators. Read the Rest and Comment Here

Branco Cartoon – Steamed      Thursday, May 28, 201

Amnesty 5th Circuit

BreitBart:  House Dem Introduces Legislation Requiring All Gun Owners to Get Liability nsurance Reckoning the Corruption of 38 Studios, a Moral Imperative38 studios AESantos (Tony) May 11, 2015 We’ve got to stop talking about 38 Studios” That incendiary alternative to ‘Move On, Move Forward” fired off by twice coronated House Speaker Nick Mattiello riled more than his fair share of the electorate.  Whether a veteran leader or rank and file rookie on Smith Hill, “when you own the ranch you own the outhouse too”.  Absolution of past political sin is not a perk of the election cycle and yet 100 plus days post-election, the campaign pledges of accountability and routing corruption in Rhode Island government have disappeared faster than a herd of scalded cats. The simple mention of 38 Studios on the chamber floor is cause for lawmakers to bristle, and trigger a synchronized eye roll among leadership. Whether building a ball park or filling a pothole, leadership on the Hill can’t broach spending a single buffalo nickel without trying to buck an angry electorate hell bent on knowing the truth of 38 Studios. The degree that Smith Hill leadership has leveraged it’s authority and obstructed efforts to openly investigate the genesis and collapse of 38 Studios not only fuels mistrust of their governance, but one could be forgiven to question the depth of corruption. Speaker Mattiello’s suppression of subpoenas to compel testimony before the 38 Studios oversight committee, lawsuits and judicial gag orders dating back to the Chafee administration shelter and isolate anyone remotely connected to the states failed attempt to choose a winner. Governor Gina Raimondo, whose vision and political ambition is a 4 year lease and a view of Washington from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue isn’t about to publicly challenge Speaker Mattiello’s authority to quash a subpoena. To date, not a single person of interest has given open testimony in the $75 Million shotgun marriage between the state and 38 Studios. At present it seems an immoveable force has met an immoveable object but that balance is only one critical email, one document, one “Come to Jesus” moment from putting this scandal into the hands of the DOJ/U.S. Attorney Peter Neronha. Read the Rest and Comment Here

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Lead Investigator  Freddie Gray Case: Meet Prosecutor Mosby’s Lead Investigator  The Times: Greeks tell Obama: help us or risk collapse Branco Cartoon – Cereal Killer An Open Letter to Taylor Swift, The Rhode Island Tax in Your NamesakeTaylor Swift Tax AESantos (Tony)  April 8, 2015 Dear Ms. Swift      Given your success and no doubt the many thousands of letters and emails that you receive, I’ve drafted this as an open letter hoping to reach out. The purchase of your home in Westerly, Rhode Island created quite a stir locally and delivered some sorely needed bragging rights. By now though, word of a new property tax in your namesake has no doubt found you, “The Taylor Swift Tax”.  Characterized as simply a minor expense to a person of means, this tax proposed by newly minted Governor Gina Raimondo targets second homes valued at $1 Million dollars Plus. Your adopted state of Rhode Island has yet to find a way to live within its means. I reckon I’m just old school, but taxing  individuals on their achievements is wholly un-American, and counter to growing jobs and an economy.   Should this tax take root, the secondary concern as all taxes do it in time will morph into a statewide property tax.       I reckon this is an unusual request, but I’d be obliged if you could take a moment to consider addressing or contacting Governor Raimondo, and leadership of the Rhode Island General Assembly by whatever means is convenient to express concern for imposing this tax. Your words no doubt will have a profound affect in the direction of this legislation.      In closing it’s only proper that I mention I’m partial to your country roots but my family especially my grandchildren are partial to your new sound. Wishing you every success as you live the American Dream Respectfully,  AESantos (Tony) And the entire crew of 1 at RedneckRepublic.org Read and Kindly Post Comment Here LegalInsurrection: Wut? Former RI Senator and Governor Linc Chafee for President? National Labor and $4.7 Trillion Force Behind the Lawless Calamity of Rhode Island Pension SettlementRhode Island Pension Settlement star chamber      Rhode Island’s Pension Settlement Star Chamber AESantos (Tony) April 6, 2015 The welcome signs at the Rhode Island state line might well read, “Welcome to the Banana Republic of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations”.  In recent years the Judicial Gag Order has morphed from the instrument to protect the integrity of the litigation process, to a Political “cone of silence” , an alternative to seeking  asylum under one’s desk while offering plausible deniability.  Under the guise of a gag order, the Raimondo administration, Labor leaders, and their counsel could operate with impunity in the secrecy of the settlement “Star Chamber”. The appointment of Chief Justice Frank Williams whose ego arrives in the courtroom ahead of his limo as “Special Master” had two objectives. The first was to wrangle members of the rank and file into the belief they would lose in open court, and terms of the settlement was the best deal they could would expect. Williams by brute force wrangled all some 58,000 plus of the rank and file to settle leaving 800 or so to take their chances in court. The second objective was to insure this matter would never be tried in open court. A loss by Labor on open court would have serious National consequences and future local implications….      Looking beyond the bubble of Rhode Island politics, it’s fair to reckon the interest of National Labor was the driving force behind the lawless calamity and chaos to reckon a pension settlement between labor and state that superseded the interest of the “Rank and File”. By comparison, given the top ten states in pension crisis, Rhode Island’s pension liabilities are akin to the spare change lost in the sofa. Collectively the unfunded pension liability nationally tops $4.7 Trillion. Judge Sarah Taft-Carter previously ruled an implied contract existed between labor and the state, however… Read the Rest and Comment Here Vision Starved in Rhode Island to See Beyond the TumbleWeeds Richmond RI Tumbleweed Center  AESantos (Tony) March 30, 2015 The Rhode Island Republican Caucus is pushing to re-open the Rte. 95 North Welcome Center closed down some years ago another casualty of funding. Today, the former Welcome Center could double for a Tumbleweed farm or an Old West theme park.  In a state starving for revenue, we’re also vision starved to see beyond rehabbing the Tumbleweed center of Richmond. February, 2014: Members of the RI Republican Caucus were forwarded an economic development concept of constructing  of 2 Service Plaza’s North and Southbound 95 complete with Welcome Centers, similar to those found in Connecticut. Only one member responded…  Senator David Bates.  Senator Bates indicated developing these plaza’s was out of reach, the State of Connecticut was granted Federal exemption based revenues on the former toll system.  The Federal Government isn’t beyond granting waivers especially of there’s a cut of revenue at stake  (No Tolls) .  After pressing the concept,  if leadership in the RI General assembly wouldn’t move forward,  Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed could earn bragging rights by delivering a Federal waiver and the potential for millions in construction, fuel and retail revenue and 100 plus post construction jobs.   Unfortunately we operate at the speed of government, and Senator Bates retired his post in the G/A before  he could meet the Senator Reed. Millions are being poured into renovation of Connecticut’s 23 Service Plaza’s privately maintained by Project Service IIC.  The last of which are those in Madison Ct. 60 Miles from the R.I. State Line.  Fact is it’s only a question of time before the State Connecticut develops a new plaza between Madison and the R.I. State Line.   Rhode Island would be better served by plowing under the Richmond Tumbleweed Center, and welcoming travelers, filling their thirsty fuel tanks, and hungry bellies at a Full Service Welcome Center… Original Post December 2013 “Rhode Island’s Next Big Idea, Eve Bigger than Calimari” Sometimes the Next Big Idea hits you like a bucket of cold water.   Inspired during a recent annual Christmas road trip to New York City with family, this economic solution is pure Capitalism, profit and revenue generation.   I reckon this should appeal to every member in the R.I.  General Assembly regardless of Politics. Read the Rest and Comment Here

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B.A.E.R Hunting on Smith Hill for $380 Million in Stolen Entitlements Govt-PickPocket
Updated 3/21/2015 AESantos (Tony) March 17, 2015 Pitch a stone in any direction, it’s liable to find someone who knows who has a deck of “EBT” cards for sale, or barter, someone who’s been riding the disability train for years yet healthy enough to wrestle a steer, or someone exploiting the “Friends and Family” use of Medicare and Medicaid. If there’s an entitlement or benefit offered by State/Federal government someone is profiting by it politically and financially. Estimates put 10% of the Federal budget allocated to entitlements is lost to fraud which translates to $100 Billion plus in “Stolen Entitlements” and massive profit for those who know how to wrangle the system. To lend context to that number, Governor Brown’s proposed budget for 2014 was $106 Billion to run the entire state of California. Rhode Island one of the deepest of Blue States ranks among the highest in entitlement payouts. The Lions Share (45%) of Rhode Island’s 2014/2015 $8.5 Billion budget weighs in at a $3.8 Billion for entitlements and benefits. Given the national estimate of 10% loss to fraud, Rhode Island rings in north of $380 Million, a bear ugly number that can no longer be written off as collateral damage or cost of doing business. There’s comes a point when the act of committing fraud in any taxpayer funded program escalates from misdemeanor to felony, some have morphed into full blown criminal enterprises.   Any reluctance in the past to aggressively pursue entitlement  fraud has been purely a matter of Political CYA.   Scouring Governor Raimondo’s recent budget proposal, the Governor’s trivial pursuit of fraud target’s only $2 Million in HHS fraud thru “Predictive Modeling” .  Fraud and waste is a deeply rooted problem, and yet in the entire proposed budget, “Fraud” can be counted on one hand. Outlined in broad strokes is a legislative proposal with the potential to recover/save hundreds of millions lost to fraud annually. B.A.E.R. Bounty Assisted Entitlement Recovery is a program to expand the current investigative capabilities by State Police, Office of the Attorney General, and HHS Fraud investigators.    Read the Rest and Comment Here BiBi Netanyahu’s Address to Congress….. Cast Iron Leadership     And the this week’s “Tin Foil Hat” award goes to State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf Legal Insurrection: Executive amnesty comes with a tax bonus loophole Would you like Fries with that Undocumented Tax Credit BreitBart: Obama’s (Im)moral Equivalence Between ISIS and Christianity How to Rile a room full of Christians No, this isn’t an SNL Gig Gone South… This is the Real Deal

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 A New BlogSite is in the Works and Launching Soon SemperLibertas (Freedom Always) Look Forward to Seeing Y’all There So God Made a Patriot  (Narrated by Fred Thompson) DonkeyHotey Feinstein CIA Photo Credit DonkeyHotey@Flickr AESantos (Tony) December 19, 2014 Pouring thru any Congressional report can be classified as torture and calls for a bit of “Pappy’s” to slog thru it.  Senator Feinstein’s $40 Million CIA hit piece is no exception.  The Senator spared no taxpayer expense producing and directing her Senate Intelligence CIA Docu-Drama which outspent Speilberg’s production cost of “Schindlers List” including a cast of 20,000 extras ($36 Million today’s cost).  The Senate EIT Report (Enhanced Interrogation Technique) was drafted exclusively by Democratic Staffers, locked in a leased CIA Bunker from 2009 thru 2012.  What’s not widely reported is Feinstein’s cast of  Senate staffers “Googled “ their way thru 6 Million plus CIA documents, emails, cables and reports, producing a classified report north of 6000 pages without  conducting a single interview of CIA Staff or Operatives.   Dianne Feinstein  (Page 5) Senate EIT Summary Report: “The breadth of documentary material on which the Study relied and which the “Committee Study cites is unprecedented. While the Committee did not interview CIA officials in the context of the Committee Study, it had access to and drew from the interviews of numerous CIA officials conducted by the CIA’s Inspector General and the CIA Oral History program on subjects that lie at the heart of the Committee Study, as well as past testimony to the Committee.” Read the Rest and Comment Here   Waterboard-Free-590-LA

Barack Obama 17 States are now doing what Congress Failed to Do…Sue Barack Obama over his Exec Order on Immigration SNL School House Obama’s Exec Order on Amnesty     RhodeMap RI, Brute Force Social Equity and Social Justice Powered by HUD Click Here to Play RhodeMap RI, Brute Force Social Equity and Social Justice Powered by HUD AESantos (Tony)  November 19, 2014 Rhode Island …. where leadership’s long range vision is measured in days and weeks, and “Austerity” is thought to be the state capitol of Texas, is about to sign off on HUD’s great “Social Equity” and “Social Engineering” experiment… RhodeMap RI.  Under the guise of “Economic Development”   HUD’s Sustainable Communities is a Trojan Horse to impose by mandate Social Equity and Justice, code for equal outcome not equal opportunity.  HUD channeled thru RhodeMap RI will seed funding in establishing economic growth centers in exchange for personal property rights, freedom, and state’s sovereignty.  The core principle of these growth centers rejects the concept of “Free Market Capitalism” and imposes a Central Planning bureaucracy which will operate beyond the laws of the state. RhodeMap RI’s goals are broad and purposefully vague with one exception as reported by Projo… “foster an inclusive economy that targets opportunity to typically underserved populations” .  This  initiative  has been several years in the making.  In 2012 an “An Equity Profile of Rhode Island.”  was developed by Policylink and the Kirwan Institute.  Both organizations, advocates for “Social Justice and Equity” have developed numerous equity profiles for other states, and both have received significant funding from billionaire financier George Soros Open Society Foundation. Read the Rest and Comment Here   Branco Cartoon – Poisoning The Well The-Stinker-LI-600-594x425 Legal Insurrection: The FCC is ready to get sued over Net Neutrality BreitBart FBI Report Confirms Crime Fell While Gun Purchases Soared in 2013 Handgun D-Slaves-600-CI

The Black vote is solicited by democrats continually  pushing the false premise that the GOP hates black people. Cartoon by A.F.Branco ©2014 Read more at http://comicallyincorrect.com/2014/10/31/the-black-vote/#m4iRBDiMMEPQv2V2.99

Raimondo Fung Healey RI Gubernatorial Debate Inspiration from “B” Movie Dodgeball AESantos (Tony)  October 28, 2014 This is a fairly short post which speaks to the content an value of tonight’s ABC 6 Gubernatorial Debate.  I’ll post link to stream  content once it’s available. Tonight’s RI Gubernatorial Debate was no doubt inspired by the “B” Movie Dodgeball. Dodge Duck Dip Dive and Dodge. This debate is classified Shovel Ready, the manure is stacked high. Bob Healey came to debate, Fung and Raimondo came to perform the Smith Hill Shuffle to the music of retread rhetoric. The most painful moment… Allan Fung groping for the name of an inspirational Republican Governor and came up dry. After all the crying weeping and gnashing of teeth, the most expensive race ever run on Rogues Island will be determined by the undecided voter  who’ll flip a a coin in the voting booth. Read and Comment Here Houston’s Openly Gay Mayor Annise Parker’s Intolerance for Religious Freedom Subpoena’s all Sermons and  Speeches WMD’s in Iraq? Shhhh (Pentagon)… “wounds that never happened” from “that stuff that didn’t exist.” Gas Mask Harvard’s Elite, a Budding Crop of World Leaders and Super Hero’s What is the Greatest Threat, America or ISIS   Ebola There is Little Comfort Knowing the New Ebola Screening Protocols are being developed by those who Engineered the Common Core Standard   Clapper-590-LA Toon by A.F. Branco…. with a Sprinkle of Inspiration by RedneckRepublic

James Clapper ISIS Intelligence under fire, but did Obama even read the briefing. Cartoon by A.F.Branco

RaimondoRoe V Wade

Gina Raimondo, Roe V Wade, Ready Shoot Aim AESantos (Tony)  October 4, 2014

For Gina Raimondo the stakes in this Gubernatorial race are much greater than achieving the mantle of Rhode Island Governor. In the eye of the National Democratic Party this race to become the first or among the first Democratic women ever be elected Governor will insure her “Rising Star” status in the National Democratic Party, a political career in Washington, and ultimately the White House. Gina Raimondo’s hard left position in the War on Women was in part an overplayed audition for national interests, (Planned Parenthood, National Democratic party, Emily’s List) and a gamble gone bad based on “Bad Intel” arguably from a recent poll commissioned by Planned Parenthood  The endgame was to outdistance herself from the Fung campaign, shore up support of RI women voters. The method of execution was a straight from the Democratic playbook….Take position on a politically impossible hill and ambush your opponent with an indefensible premise, a “Red Herring”.During the 2012 Presidential debate, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, moderator and Chief White House operative ambushed Candidate Mitt Romney with a hypothetical question, “Should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn a 1965 ruling that a constitutional right to privacy bars states from banning contraception.” The premise was no doubt a Red Herring, but Romney’s challenge of the premise as being irrelevant and his personal religious beliefs produced the desired effect tying the Romney camp in knots and complicit in War on Women. The Raimondo campaign took position and “Tripled Down” on the entire Planned Parent Reproductive Freedom Rights agenda. Raimondo: “I, as governor, support the decision in Roe v. Wade and will oppose any efforts by the General Assembly to roll back those rights.”  Given the Rhode Island General Assembly’s achievement of lofty legislation making Calimari the state’s official appetizer,  it’s fair to reckon reversing Roe.V. Wade isn’t on the RI General Assemblies menu, however the argument takes on new life when lobbied by the first Democratic woman to warm the seat of Governor. Read the Rest and Comment Here   Legal Insurrection: Ebola: A Hemorrhagic Fever by Any Other Name Legal Insurrection: Devastating Video: Free at Last of Mary Landrieu?


Occams Razor, Bob Healey, Political Mercenary or Benevolent Politician, the Real Mission is Just Five Percent AESantos (Tony) September 26, 2014 If there were one sure bet at the end of this political sleigh ride, Cool Moose Bob Healey, proxy candidate for the Moderate Party would carry a minimum 5 Percent. The ruckus over his eleventh hour run for Governor has muddied the political waters.   “Occams Razor… the simplest answer is usually the correct one”.  Politics is no exception to Occam’s precept.  Bob Healey capturing 5 percent insures the survival of Ken Block’s orphaned Moderate Party.   Ken Block’s 2010 run for Governor cleared 6.5 percent, it’s fair to reckon had James Spooner maintained his candidacy, 5 percent would be out of reach, and the Moderate Party would be relegated to history. Bob Healey can now drive his “Cerebral Revolution” without jeopardizing status of the Cool Moose Party and the Moderate party lives to fight another day.      Given the “Bear Ugly” campaign feud between Republican camps , Bob Healey becomes the beneficiary of the Block supporters riled with Allan Fung’s Chicago style politics, and independents have an alternative they won’t have to hold their nose for. Read the Rest and Comment Here   Global Warming Moonbattery Thought police: Global warming alarmist wants laws on the books to punish skeptics Thinning of the Kennedy Gene Pool, Product of Excessive Inbreeding


Fung Block Hatfields and McCoys Allan Fung’s Gubernatorial Hail Mary, Reckon a Peace with the Hatfields and McCoys AESantos (Tony) September 13, 2014 Cranston Mayor Allan Fung’s Republican primary victory was short lived.  Cool Moose Bob Healey’s 11th hour calling to saddle up to run for Governor in Ken Block’s orphaned Moderate Party, has driven the Fung camp into an internal meltdown.   The campaign between Allan Fung and Ken Block was contentious and akin to the feud between the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s leaving an already small Republican party fractured and further divided.    Alan Fung is arguably in a position of his own making, in desperate need of riled  Block supporters and independents his campaign has alienated   Healey offers the alterative to staying home or crossing the line for Gina Raimondo. There is no second place in the Governor’s race.  The Fung campaign has one chance albeit a “Hail Mary” to remain a serious challenge to Gina Raimondo.  Peace will have to be reckoned between the Republican Hatfield’s and McCoy’s, Simply soliciting the the support of Ken Block which wouldn’t pass the smell test with supporters.   Allan Fung will to find a way to stow his ego, offer Block an administrative position on the Fung watch, and plead temporary insanity for his campaign’s indefensible “Cheap Shots” leveled at Ken Block and company.  Short of this returning to a two party race, Allan Fung will need to find humility quickly or begin writing his concession speech… Read and Comment Here 

 Neither Feared or Respected…Barack Obama Fess’s Up We Have No Strategy on ISIS or the Ukraine Marthas-Fiddler

Poltitico: Amnesty Early Christmas for 6 Million Illegal Immigrants W.H. talks immigration with Latino lawmakers


Reckoning Clay Pell’s Undocumented White House Street Creds AESantos (Tony) August 3, 2014 Democratic candidate for Rhode Island Governor Clay Pell drew a bit of heat over claims made in his Bio. “Director of Strategic Planning for the National Security Council”, that’s a tall handle for someone with little or no previous Washington experience and yet it appears prominently as standard Bio information on the Pell for Governor Website.  Excerpt from the Pell Campaign Website as of this posting: “After law school, Clay joined the Coast Guard, like his father and grandfather before him. As an officer in a service devoted to helping people and saving lives, Clay had the privilege of leading men and women in uniform. He represented the government as a prosecutor in military courtrooms, and also as a liaison with foreign military personnel from around the world. Clay then joined President Obama’s national security team, serving as director for strategic planning. It was Clay’s job to bring together stakeholders across the federal government –“ And then there’s the Real World: Pell’s Current White House/Washington experience can be measured in months not years. After graduating Georgetown Law , “Juris Doctor” (2008) Pell served three plus years in United States Coast Guard as a commissioned officer, Lieutenant, JAG (Judge Advocate General). Pell’s White House experience began when he applied for, and received a “White House Fellowship” Class of 2011-2012. Recipients are assigned staff positions to support Senior White House officials. Clay Pell’s placement was with the National Security Staff. The purpose of the White House Fellows program is to provide gifted and highly motivated young Americans with some first-hand experience in the process of governing the Nation and a sense of personal involvement in the leadership of society Keynote: The President’s Commission on White House Fellowships does not appoint Senior Members to the NSC… Read the Rest Here Branco Cartoon – Definition of Insanity Hamas-Victory-590-LI-2


Freedom is not for Government or Man to Take. It is However Yours to Surrender …. 

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